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Agenda of Events of Digital Marketing 2020

In the digital sector the changes are continuous, the technology evolves to an unstoppable rate and everything what today you know has expiration date. It is a reality, you you know it and we know it, there are not at all no new shortage. For that reason we have made the Agenda of Events of Digital Marketing of 2020.




All the events picked up in this agenda of the sector have been affected by the present crisis of the Covid-19.


To be and to update themselves constantly become a MUST TO of any specialist in Communication and/or Digital Marketing, as well as of whatever it wants that its brand does not remain back.

To know all the new features that are arising later to implement them, to learn the operation of the new systems and techniques, search investors, to establish relations with other colleagues of the sector, etc. is not a simple process and requires of time and resources, something not within reach of all.


One of the best ways to do it is the participation in conferences, communications, congresses and all type of events. In these you will discover the more novel digital aspects, will increase your knowledge and you will be able to extract learnings of value for your brand. In addition, of one of the most important points of the events: networking, that will serve to you so that it as much grows and it improves your personal brand as marca/s that you represent.

You are of lxs that finds out the event the day before? You would want to have a listing with all the events of Communication and Digital Marketing 2020?

You are of luck! We have thought about you and we have joined the most outstanding events of the digital sector in the Agenda of Events of Digital Marketing 2020 so that you do not stop attending any. The lack of knowledge no longer will be an excuse, now everything will fall on your gift of planning and your interests to choose the events to which to attend.

We hope that he is to you useful for your professional growth and the one of tu/s marca/s. It notices you think it: It prepares the suitcase, your portable one, cards of contact, etc. and takes advantage of it! 😉



Events of Digital Marketing 202018-20: DLD Conference (Munich, Germany)

Digitalis, life and design are united in this XXVI edition with more than 150 speakers.


Events of Digital Marketing 202029-30: Deutscher Medienkongress (Frankfurt, Germany)

Which will be the future of marketing and means? Referring agencies and of the sector debate to predict tendencies.


Events of Digital Marketing 202025: Social Average Day Marketing (Barcelona, IS)

9a edition of the Average meeting of specialists and agencies Social.


Events of Digital Marketing 2020Date to confirm: EN@E Digital Meeting 2019 (Murcia, IS)

Which will be the future of marketing and means? Referring agencies and of the sector debate to predict tendencies.





Events of Digital Marketing 20205-6: Social Average Strategies Summit SMSS West (San Francisco, EUA)

Conferences on the best practices and strategies in social average.


Events of Digital Marketing 2020

13: 3xE Digital €“ Conversion & UX Conference (Dublin, Ireland)

ECommerce by the prestige of speakers that goes and by the Workshops is quite well-known within the world that are realised. If you are especializado/a in electronic commerce, you must attend yes or yes.


Events of Digital Marketing 202020-21: Eduketing (Madrid, IS)

Congress the International of Educative Marketing.


Events of Digital Marketing 202024-26: B2B Exchange Marketing (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, the United States)

One concentrates in everything what has to do with B2B: inspirations, tendencies, conditions of the market€¦


4YFN Four Years From Now24-26: 4FYN €“ Four Years From Now (Barcelona, IS)

Event parallel and impelled by the Mobile World Congress centered in startups and the technological innovation.


Mobile World Congress24-27: Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, IS)

International congress on the movable communication and its advances.



Events of Digital Marketing 20204-6: Digitalis 1 to 1 Spain (Sitges, Barcelona, ARE)

New Spanish edition of the Club e-commerce Summit 1 to 1. It connects digital companies and experts through a customized agenda of appointments of 30 minutes.


Events of Digital Marketing 20205: MK Open (Madrid, IS)

Event that unite entrepreneurs, experts in digital marketing, eCommerce, SEO and freelance with the purpose of creating beneficial relations for all.


Evento Marketing Educativo5-6: Expolearning (Madrid, IS)

All the new features of elearning and Human Resources 3.0.


Events of Digital Marketing 202028: SEO Profesional congress (Madrid, IS)

All a day of communications, cases of study and tools SEO with the best professionals of positioning.


Evento Retail31: Retail Forum (Madrid, IS)

Design and retail technology next to digital marketing and electronic commerce in the form of exhibitions and communications.


eShow Barcelona31: eShow Barcelona (Barcelona, IS)

ECommerce occurs to know all the necessary one to prevail with one: techniques, tools€¦ as well as the tendencies and strategies in the communication online. He is one of the events of Digital Marketing 2020 more popular of Spain.


Evento BloggerDate to confirm: Bloggers Training (Saragossa, IS)

Event directed to bloggers, influencers and brands with the purpose of to know the different situations in which to encuentrar and to improve its relations thus.




eShow Barcelona1: eShow Barcelona (Barcelona, IS)

Second day of the event e-Commerce par excellence in Barcelona.


Events of Digital Marketing 20203-4: Congress ASLAN (Madrid, IS)

Congress centered in impelling the digital transformation.


Evento Inbound Marketing14: Inbound Leaders (Madrid, IS)

Everything on inbound and the automatization of marketing for marketing leaders.


Evento Inbound Marketing15: Inbound Leaders (Barcelona, IS)

Second day of the event centered in inbound marketing. This time in the count city.


Prestashop16: Prestashop Day (Madrid, IS)

Experts and professionals of eCommerce look for creative solutions for their commerces online during all a day.


YOAST SEO24: YOAST With 2019 (Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

Experts SEO worldwide meet in this great conference to share knowledge and the last new features.


Events of Digital Marketing 202025-26: OMExpo (Madrid, IS)

Fair of reference of Digital Marketing and eCommerce.


Events of Digital Marketing 2020

IAB Spain brings this interesting festival to us of innovation in digital communication.


Social Evento Marketing Digital and Redes

Date to confirm: Pro Day Marketing (Madrid, IS)

Event on the new features of digital marketing and the social networks directed as much to professionals as to SMEs.



Events of Digital Marketing 20207-10: Formenetera 2,0 (Formentera, IS)

Days of general culture digital that are developed in pleasant and near surroundings to impel networking between the participants in idyllic surroundings as it is Formentera.


Congress Marketing and Big Data11-14: i-COM Global Summit (Cadiz, IS)

Congress of marketing, dates and measurement.


Startup congress13: Startup Grind Tech (Barcelona, IS)

Event in which entrepreneurs, technicians and investors of all Europe meet.


Congress Digital Marketing16: eCongress Malaga (Malaga, IS)

Information of first hand on the part of experts in digital marketing, eCommerce and social average of private enterprises and organisms is offered public.


Evento Email Marketing19-21: Email Boot Camp Marketing (Madrid, IS)

All the tendencies and new features of the mail marketing: strategic approach, programs of pick up, retention and loyalty, lead nurturing and lead management and much more€¦


BizBarcelona27-28: BizBarcelona (Barcelona, IS)

Inescapable appointment for entrepreneurs who want to find new ideas and projects of business.


Events of Digital Marketing 2020Date to confirm: EXMA Colombia (Bogota, Colombia)

One of the most important events of marketing in Latin America.


Festival of Publicity the SunDate to confirm: Festival the Sun (Bilbao, IS)

Latin American festival of advertising communication that as much recognizes the best campaigns and announcements of the scope online as offline by means of annual prizes of the great prestige and recognition in the sector.


Evento StartupDate to confirm: World Quondos Record (Alicante, IS)

Event of startups and innovation.


Evento Marketing Online Andaluc­aDate to confirm: Coast of Almer­a Digital Day (Almeria, IS)

Congress where one occurs to light to the best practices of marketing, the social average and the digitalization.




Mobile Marketing7: Applause (Barcelona, IS)

Conference on Marketing and mobile growth for professionals in Spain.


Feria de Log­stica Ecommerce9-11: eDelivery (Barcelona, IS)

International fair on the delivery and the logistics in the sector of the electronic commerce.


Congress SEO12-13: SEonthebeach (Murcia, IS)

It reunites to professionals and experts of Marketing Online and Internet of a form different from the habitual one. It transfers the tradicionalidad of the congresses to the beach with different activities and networking.


National prizes of Marketing18: National prizes MKT (Madrid, IS)

XII Edition driven by the Association of Marketing of Spain.


Festival the International of Creativity of Dogs22-26: Cannes Lions (Dogs, France)

Festival the International of Publicity recognized world-wide level. The €œ“scars€ of the advertising creativity.


FOA BarcelonaDate to confirm: FOA Barcelona (Barcelona, IS)

Congress of publicity and marketing in Internet FOA.


Congress Web 2020Date to confirm: Congress Web (Saragossa, IS)

SEO, social average, analytical€¦ and coverall networking.




Events of Digital Marketing 20201-2: Evento Days (Madrid, IS)

Meeting point of the professionals involved in the organization of events.


Events SEO 2020Date to confirm: SEOPLUS Congress (Alicante, IS)

Gratuitous event with communications of different referring within the world from search engine optimization.




We have not found any event that takes place in August of 2020 and that it agrees to emphasize.



The Canary Islands Digital1-3: The Canary Islands Digital (Tenerife, Canary Islands)

Annual congress of digital marketing in the Canary Islands.


eShow MadridDate to confirm: And-Show (Madrid)

Madrilenian edition of the celebrated event months back in Barcelona.


Future of AdvertisingDate to confirm: FOA €“ Congress the International (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Congress the International of marketing and publicity.


DSMDate to confirm: DSM (Valencia, IS)

Congress that reunites more than 500 people to debate on social average, branding, blogging€¦




Jos© FacchinDate to confirm: 2019 mint (Online)

Gratuitous congress online on businesses and digital minting.


EMMSDate to confirm: EMMS (Online)

Gratuitous event online organized by Doppler with rapporteurs as much in English as in Spanish.


Branding DayDate to confirm: Branding Day (Bilbao, IS)

Experts in branding meet to give the keys to prevail with your brand.


Evento Social Media 2020Date to confirm: Trending tools (Madrid, IS)

Social congress of tools for professionals average.





Technology 2020 confers2-5: Web Summit (Lisbon, Portugal)

Technological conference that reunites to professionals of all Europe.


Events of Digital Marketing 20207: Raiola Conference Marketing (Galicia, IS)

Two days of conferences on digital marketing.


Social congress Mediates 202012-13: Congress the International on social networks (Gandia, IS)

New edition of the congress centered in the new features and the tendencies in social average.


Events of Business 202013-14: Digital America (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

Latin American congress on technology and businesses.


Evento Retail 2020Date to confirm: Madrid Retail Congress (Madrid, IS)

Two days trying the digital transformation in the commerce.


Events of Digital Marketing 2020Date to confirm: International Search Summit BCN (Barcelona, IS)

Centered in subjects and challenges of international marketing search.


Events Technology 2020Date to confirm: VMWorld (Barcelona, IS).

They will occur to know the future current trends and related to the technology digital infrastructure and the transformation.


Congress of Marketing 2020Date to confirm: National congress of Marketing (City of Mexico, Mexico)

One of the most important forums of Latin America for professionals, means and agencies.


Events of SEODate to confirm: Salad SEO (Saragossa, IS)

Day where the last tendencies treat in SEO and marketing.





Still there are no congresses, fairs nor no other type of event of planned Digital Marketing for December of 2020.



You had all these events in your agenda? Already you know what to events you will attend?

Count us in the commentaries, certainly we agreed in some!

You would add some event more to the Agenda of Events of Digital Marketing 2020?

This is a opened list, so any event that we have not mentioned and that you believe that it would have to be, please, h¡znoslo to know and we will add it to the moment.


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