Qué is Google Adwords and cómo works

What is Google Adwords (Ads) and how] works [definitive Gu­a

What is Google Adwords, Adwords or its more recent name, Google Ads, surely is a question that has flown over your head if you have a business and is in the network. It is one of those tools indispensable for practically any strategy online by the variety of formats and infinity of advantages that offers.

Without a doubt, he is one of the pillars of the publicity online nowadays for any business, company or project that want to occur to know and/or to sell its products or services in Internet. We are going to discover it!


What is Google Adwords

Adwords is a platform of publicity created and developed by Google in the year 2000 (yes, already has majority of age: how it spends the time) with the aim of allowing to announce in the finder to any user who therefore wishes it and to contribute to the improvement of the sponsored positioning (SEM) of its Web.

The global transcendence is like supposes the main source of income for the Californian technological multinational.

Million users worldwide use this platform to announce in the SERP of the finder and to catch potential clients. And perhaps you ask yourself: SERP?

Certainly you know what they are, but you do not know his name €œcool€. Abbreviations SERP make reference to Search Engine Results Page, therefore it is not more than the page of results that shows Google to you when you realise a search.

Different possibilities exist with which to arrive at your potential clients, as far as format of announcements talks about:

  • Of text: they appear in the part superior and inferior of the SERP.
  • With image: they are used in the campaigns of display in the announcements are in sites (Webs, blogs€¦) with thematic a relative by marriage to the one of your business.
  • In video: they make reference to the announcements inserted in YouTube.

Most habitual they are those of text, followed by those of image and, finally, those of video. Here an example of text announcements:

What is Google Adwords and how it works)

As you will be able to appreciate in the image, they appear in the part superior and they take a green indication in just at the home of the URL differentiating them from the organic results. The text announcements can also appear in the part inferior of the page.

Still with doubts? We see that Google says

The crux of the matter

The key is in appearing in the searches of the person adapted at the correct moment. In other words, to cause that your announcement of Adwords appears in the results when a user is realising a search related directly to your business. There it is the sense and the success than it is Adwords.

This way, you will manage to increase the number of visits to your Web and consequently, to increase the sale opportunities.

It seems easy, truth? Nothing else far from the reality. In order to announce in Google and to obtain results it agrees to establish a strategy on the basis of the objectives and to consider a series of aspects.

Now that already we know what is Google Adwords, we can happen to center us in his operation.

How Google Adwords works

Google Adwords works through a system of payment by click (PPC) that combines you bid up them of the key words in which it interests to us that our announcement appears and the quality of its writing to determine if appears or not and in what place.

Not to be in Adwords, your company is going to begin to obtain results. It agrees to fulfill some standard.

The writing of copys and the amount of money by which you can bid up in each term will determine the quality of the announcement (Quality Score). Google defines that quality level in a number, which will cause more down that your announcement appears more above, or it does not appear in the SERP.

If you do not have the knowledge or the resources to create quality announcements, we recommended effusively that you count on the support of a publicity agency online where expert in Google Adwords they will guide you to obtain the maximum return of the possible investment.

Of a summarized form

In order to enjoy the advantages of Google Adwords, you do not have more to register you in its webpage. After defining the budget that you will destine to it, it will be called on to you to establish the key words by which you want that they appear your announcements. Later, you will have to express your creativity to the maximum to write up attractive announcements that take to the users to click in your announcements. Spent some weeks, already you will be able to begin to study the results to draw conclusions and to optimize the campaign that you have created.

Step by step

As we come saying, the most popular announcements are of text. Reason by which we are going to concentrate in them to detach step by step which is its operation since they are created to the click of the user.


We put ourselves in the skin of the user

Everything begins when a user has a doubt that to solve, a necessity that to cover€¦ then, what is first that does? Indeed. It goes to Google and it writes what it wishes of the form in which leaves to him then.

Those terms that the user introduces are the key words of Adwords. They are the words by which the advertiser will be prepared to pay so that du announcement appears and the user clicks in him.

The habitual process consists of making a list of words susceptible to be used by the users to find services or products as those of the advertiser.

They exist Keywords of all type, although long tail, that is to say, those formed by three or more words is recommended by their good results.

Alive the creativity!

After choosing the key words that interest, the advertiser already can happen to the creative phase.

It is not necessary to have a prize Planet, but certain writing dowries are due to have to create attractive and effective titles and descriptions. We know that everybody does not have the aptitudes or the resources for it, so in UscavonPoint you have a hand friend with whom you will be guaranteed a high quality level in all campaigns. Immediately you will see because you tenth that this phase is so important.

After writing up the announcements and defining the maximum daily budget, already the campaign can be sent.

Turn of Google

Since we have commented previously, Google will be the one who ends up always deciding when they are to the announcements and in that place.

In order to make sure that it is greater the times of possible, in the highest positions and by the more important key words the only solution is to have a high quality level (QS). As well, that will benefit the advertiser who will receive more click

Bombing of possibilities

To the user a SERP with a great fan of possibilities is opened to him that respond to the terms that have introduced in the finder.

Are to him 17 results (19 in case of local searches), among which 4 announcements are in the part superior, followed of 3 local options if it is the case, 10 organic results and three new announcements in the part inferior.

Obvious, to emphasize between such amount of results feels like complicated. For that reason the ideal is to obtain that the announcement appears between the first 4 sponsored results of above. Something that is only obtained if the QS of the announcement is high. For that reason before we emphasized the important thing that it is to have written up and attractive announcements or with terms that emphasize the qualities of your products or services, but that at the same time they connect with the user.

The decision

Before the amount of results that Google offers to him, finally the user is decided. When doing click in an announcement goes to the Web and happens to become potential client. A sale opportunity is generated. To more quality of the announcement, more click and to more click, more sales.

The landing page or landing page will play a crucial role to end up turning that visit of the potential client into a conversion.

Analysis of results

After one weeks with the active campaign, will be able to be begun to appreciate results and the advertiser will be able to analyze the return of the investment.

The amount generated by the clicks on the basis of the realised investment is due to consider to define if the campaign is being profitable or no. This way, the announcements will be able to be optimized to obtain the best possible results.

It remembers that only one is pleased when somebody clicks in the announcement (PPC) independent of if the results are positive or negative.

Well, now already you have sufficient information envelope what is Google Adwords and how it works, but we do not want to finish if offering one to you must list of the aspects that you must consider for his correct operation.

7 keys for the good operation of Adwords

1.La search of key words

To choose the suitable terms by which to show the announcements is not thing of 5 minutes. It agrees to spend enough time to him as obtaining a list of suitable and adapted Keywords to the objectives of the campaign.

2. Agreement

He is essential to delimit the keyword to the type of agreement by which we want that the users find our announcement. Different types from agreement in Adwords exist: ample, exact, ample modified, of phrase and refusal.

3. Creative writing

We did not get tired to repeat the importance of creating original and effective titles and descriptions to ensure the success of the announcements.

4. To segment, to segment and to segment

Only knowing who Integra the objective public, we will be able to know where one is and to limit the campaigns of Adwords to hit it. The segmentation will define the precision with which we arrive at the user adapted at the correct moment.

5. Attractive Landing page

If we have announcements with an elevated QS, but later those clicks do not turn into the Web, we have a problem. We cannot use a same page for all the announcements. The design of the landing page and its content must be adapted to take to the user who the visit to conduct the battle that we wish, or to fill in a form, to call, to buy a product€¦

6. Constant analysis

What is Google Adwords if not a publicity one hundred measurable percent that allows the continuous optimization to obtain campaigns of most profitable. It is necessary to take advantage of it and to analyze each and every one of the data which we have.

7. To dominate Google Adwords

Its easy access causes that the notion is had of which anyone can take campaigns of Adwords. Nothing else far from the reality. Without the suitable knowledge it can become a worry and in which he is worse: a great loss of money without return.



Since you have been able to see, Google Adwords is an incredible tool for your digital strategy. However, also it can become in your con, since it can get to be quite complex.

We are customary to receive clients who come with campaigns in which they have invested great amounts of money, but the yield has been ominous. To do it by your account without having some minimum knowledge or betting by nonprofessional people for its management is not an suitable option, by very cheap that is. As the saying goes, cheap it ends up leaving expensive.

It is for this reason that if you want to avoid unnecessary losses of money and to express Google Adwords to the maximum, the best thing is to resort to an expert in Adwords or a specialized agency who advises and manages the campaigns to you by you.

It increases the visits to your Web, it improves the notoriety of your brand, impels the visibility of your business, maximizes conversions, it sells more. It begins to obtain results from already!


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