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What is a Community Manager. Functions and qualities. [MEGA GUIDE]

If some ago years had told you what is a Community Manager, surely you would have made use at the top. It would have sounded to you to Chinese all this of the management of the Social Average, the invigoration of the Social Networks€¦ But, the times change, the technology advances and the labor panorama evolves until arriving at the point of which the Community professional Manager is one of the figures more demanded by the companies.

And it is that nowadays they play an indispensable role in the attainment of the objectives of marketing and communication of the companies, independent of his size or resources.

All company, great or small, knows of its importance and have reserved a place for this figure. What causes that more and more people form to dedicate themselves professionally to it. Even so there are many doubts and concepts mistaken on the roll that play. So that you know it clearly if you wish to contract to the services of a Community Manager or if you want professionally to dedicate you to it, we have made this guide. We will review what is a Community Manager and which are their real functions, which is its daily work, what situations must confront, etc. In other words, everything what she defines these experts in Digital Marketing.

Then, you would dare to say what is a cm and what she is what does? We go to it!

What is a Community Manager?

The Community Manager is the professional who is in charge of the management, the maintenance, the development and the defense of the image name brand of a person or organization surroundings to a social community.


It is since it acts as bond between the internal management of the users and the brand in the outside, as well as in the improvement and the innovation, related to the community of the company.


This way, we can understand the importance that the position of cm in the companies as a result of the digital revolution has gained, the explosion of social means and the continuous technological advances.

The people in charge of the community online not only lead the relation of the brand with the hearing by means of periodic publications following a Calendar of Contents Social Average. Also they are in charge to make grow and safeguard the reputation online of the brand, person or organization that represents giving immediate answer before possible to reputacionales crises. For it he must have preparation action plans to quickly resolve any possible disadvantage that can arise in Social Means, mainly in the Social Networks.

In order to clarify to all the functions of the Community Manager within the company and to end false stereotypes on this figure, we have written up this guide.

The guide of the Community Manager!

Some ago years when you shelp that to Community eras Manager, people remained with face of poker without knowing very well to which you dedicated yourself.

As in many of the professions of the digital sector (Social Average Manager, Content Manager, Marketer Digitalis, etc.), the labor infiltration of people without real knowledge nor specialized formation superior have been continuous and lamentably still it exists.

And she is that the majority of people did not think that it was necessary to take the Social Networks of a company much. There she is where they appeared the famous cousins, uncles or brothers-in-law whom they had to manage the business and enterprise networks with more pain than glory.

Luckily the times have changed and little by little it has been able €œto educate€ to people on the importance of the professionalism of figures as the cm. and if we have been able to contribute minimumly to it we occur by satisfied. Nevertheless, nowadays still knowing of its importance they do not finish knowing clearly many of the functions of the Community Manager.

The questions are many that arise between the people and who surely your also you are asking yourself:

What means to be a Community Manager? What tasks develop? How it is his day to day in the company? What qualities have to have?

Quick attention because next we are going to respond those and other questions on the cm.

What makes a Community Manager in their workday?

In order to begin, to be cm it is a profession without rest. And it is that the Social Networks never rest. There is movement always, or by day and or at night, the 365 days of the year.

It does not spend a day without some circumstance happens. It is why the cm must be kind and preparation to give a suitable answer of immediate form. It is always necessary to as much give to answer (except very exceptional cases) to commentaries or positive publications as refusals.

But, that is only one part of the day to day of a Community professional Manager. We are going to review the main workings that these professionals can realise during their workday.

Mentions and Commentaries

The cm arrives at the office, a coffee is prepared and ignites the computer. First that does it is to review the interactions that have received or the brands that handle.

It is essential because since we have shelp previously always it is necessary to react to the commentaries or publications independent of the feeling that are.

Luckily many software exist that facilitate the task to us and monitor the mentions and commentaries by us without the necessity to have to review each social means separately.


A cm is somebody interested in the present time, by the new features and of what he is in favor fashionable. After analyzing the received mentions, it analyzes those more burning subjects of the day.

What is trending topic today in Twitter? Some is video/photo that has become viral? There is some important event? Taken place some has fact with much repercussion?

Basically, it knows what is happening to his around to have an idea of how it can affect to the company or business that manages, or how this one can take advantage it.

A clear example would be the union of a great amount of companies to the Mannequin Challenge being useful that had become viral. You will remember it because it sounded to a song of some American rappers while the people appeared quiet without moving, simulating as its own name claims to be dummies.


Not only it realises analytical functions during his day to day. A Community Manager also is in charge to carry out creative works through the production of original and attractive contents for the users.

These contents can be of three different formats:

  • Text.
  • Video.
  • Image.

It is necessary to consider that each Social Network is different: it has his own characteristics and their own users. Something that the cm knows and applies, adapting or creating contained specific for each of them. For example, which works on Facebook, it does not have why to work in Pinterest.

Another important aspect is the moment of the publication. There are days of the week and hours in which he is more propitious to publish, since more interactions on the part of the users are received. That only we will know it on the basis of the analysis of the results that is obtained. There is no a good day for Instagram that is used for all the companies or businesses. Everyone will have to find it on the basis of the data that compile.

A thing that we would like to clarify is that the social strategy comes defined by the Social Average Manager. The cm simply applies it through fan of action and tools that it has to his disposition.


An essential element is the listening of the hearing. Enough it is related to the monitoring of mentions and commentaries commented in the first point.

The Community Manager is the one that more close are of the users and the one that knows first hand what opinion has with respect to the company and its products or services.

In order to obtain that feedback, the cm writes up articles related to products of the company, is in charge of the accomplishment of webinars, live transmissions, organize chats, etc.

This way, it increases engagement with the users at the same time as it discovers his opinions to use them as constructive critics to improve products or services of the company at issue.

Now already you have an approximated idea of how it is a day in the life of a Community Manager, so we can happen to analyze his main functions one by one.


Community calendar Manager

Which are the functions of a Community Manager?

In the obligations that it has a Community Manager we distinguished those in which it develops tasks for the company of internal form and other that are oriented towards the outside.

Functions of a Community Manager doors outside:

  • To participate in the strategy of digital marketing of the company and to suitably transmit it through the different channels from its reach.
  • To listen what happens in Internet: as we shelp in the review of the day to day of the cm, as much to general level (the present time, trending topics€¦) as which tour around the brand (what it is shelp of the brand, which is spoken of the product or service and the movements of the competition).
  • To respond before and adequately immediate crisis thanks to plans of action previously established.
  • To maintain dialogues, to channel discussions and to raise subjects.
  • To analyze the community of followers of the company or business to find to leaders and moderators.
  • To act at any moment as ambassador of the company.
  • To identify potentials sale opportunities.

Really, the Community Manager has to guide the relation between the company and the community.

Functions of a Community Manager doors inside:

  • To participate in the creation and the management of the budget destined to the actions online. As expert in Social Networks it must be part of the decision of the amount destined to Publicity Online, creation of contents, etc. next to Planners, Social Managers Average and other professionals.
  • To quantify the statistical ones on the community and to draw value conclusions to inform envelope they.
  • To transmit the suggestions and opportunities that come from the users of the community (feedback which we commented before).
  • To find internal defenders that they from within support of the company the conducted battles.

Since you will have seen the functions are many that include within the service of Community Manager, but not all the people in spite of having formation for it are prepared to develop them successfully.

How there is to be a Community Manager?

She is one appears special and the people who are it must reunite a series of specific aptitudes. We are going to review some of them so that you consider it if you must contract to a Community Manager or if you want professionally to dedicate you to it.

Qualities of a Community Manager

  • Curiosity

A cm must be learning and discovering continuously. In a world that it changes as constantly as the one of Digital Marketing cannot be unemployed.

So any Community professional Manager that boasts must be kind to the changes that take place in the market. The curiosity is essential to find new tools and subjects of interest.

  • Versatility

To know the qualities the different channels and to adapt to them at the moments and the circumstances that are. The flexibility and the versatility have to describe to you if you want to dedicate you to this of the Community Management.

  • Organization

In order to give answer to the different tasks that must develop a cm she has to be organized, since of another way their actions will fail.

A clear example of the importance of the organization is in the planning and the programming of content through Publishing Calendar for Social Networks.

  • Creativity

It must have the capacity to devise new forms in which to fulfill the goals raised by the Average Social strategy.

We speak of new forms to connect with the users, as well as to create contents original and different from the rest, among others workings.

  • Good spelling

The cm is the ambassador of the company and its form to write closely is related to the image of the company in the network. We did not talk about the tone, but to the spelling.

It is essential that all the publications that are realised review several times to avoid to share content with misspelling, something that help nothing not to take care of the Reputation Online.

  • Dedication

As we have seen in the description of the day day, a Community Manager for companies is continuously in the fight in the relation with the users. Practically 24—7.

It is by that reason that the professionals who dedicate themselves to the management of social communities need to have the certainty and the motivation not to stop at no moment and always for offering the best possible service.

  • Empathy

It is always necessary to put itself in the skin of the user who writes to a company or business in the Social Networks to ask a doubt, to realise a critic, to flatter a service€¦

The empathy allows the cm to give an effective and proportional answer to the situation. It is necessary to watch with humor and the irony in the answers, although all this also will come determined by the tone from communication that characterizes to the company that imagines.

  • Analytical

One of the functions of the cm is to turn the registered data into the Social Networks in value information. As which it serves to know that xs have been obtained interactions or x click in a publication but we can tie it to a cause of which to learn something?

It is by that reason that is essential to be analytical, since on those conclusions the optimization of the relation with the hearing will depend.

  • Computer science ability

A certain level of computer science to be able is urgent to conduct the own battles of a Community Manager without problems.

It is not necessary to be a Front End Developer, but that is interesting to dominate certain software and tools that constitute the synergy of essential tools in the day to day of a manager of Social Networks.

  • Patience

To count up to ten before responding to the messages of the users coverall without they are offensive is a technique who use almost all the cm.

In the Social Networks there is trolls and all we know it. We cannot leave ours first reaction finishes in a bad action for the brand. So the best thing is to take it calmly and to respond to the negative commentaries with serenity and integrity.

  • Formation

Not for being the last one, is less important. Rather quite the opposite.

The study, specialization courseses of related masters, domain of certain tools, etc. constitute the formation that hoards a Community qualified Manager and that guarantees some knowledge on the management of Social Networks that everybody does not own.

It is certain that the study and the knowledge do not ensure the success a manager of Social Networks, but that seats the base on which to get to be a Community Manager top.

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I look for community manager

If you want to extend information you can consult the opinion of 22 specialists in Social Average and its advice on Community Management that gathers Classroom cm. Very interesting!



We could be speaking on the figure of the cm hours and hours, but having commented the essential in this guide already you have sufficient to do a clear idea and needs to you nowadays the importance of this position not only for the handling of Social Networks but for the operation of any company.

If you have arrived up to here, you already know what is a Community Manager, which are their functions and what qualities have to have. You have the knowledge to contract to a Community Manager of quality, or to know if this is the profession to which you are wanted to dedicate.

In order to make this guide we have been worth of our experience as agency of Marketing Online that has offered the service of Community Manager to different clients from different sizes and scopes.


Really, we want that you remain with the idea that the cm is as the director of an orchestra in which there are external and internal resources of the company and whose score must be aligned with the marketing strategy.


Gratefulness Illustration Head: Makyzz

And you, you want to contract to a Community Manager? You dedicate yourself to manage Social Networks? You would add some function or quality more to the lists than we have elaborated? Count us in the commentaries. 

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