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Types of Social Networks €“ Classification and characteristics

In spite of uniting people with common interests in the form of virtual community, we can find different types from Social Networks. Each network is unique in itself, but we can appreciate characteristics common with others, or through thematic, purpose€¦ what it allows us to group them.

It is important to know clearly the classification of these social means, since it allows to have a knowledge superior of the ecosystem online and the channels that better can be adapted to the needs of your company, institution, organization or personal brand.


Now it is when you would be due to ask: What types of social networks exist?

It is a question that not always crosses the mind of our clients and that is one of the reasons for the existence of this post. The people are many who group all the Social Networks in a same group. They are not conscious of each channel has his characteristics and peculiarities that cause that it is adapted for a certain company or no. So if we have obtained that you become that question, this article already acquires sense.


Types of Social and Characteristic Networks

The main classification is based on a dichotomy in two great blocks of which surely you will have listened to speak. They are the following:

  • Horizontal Social networks

Also known as generalist or generic Social Networks.

They are those in which the users who participate do not have some characteristic common defined but as its own name indicates go to a generic public. This causes that the contents are of diverse.

They are based on the relation between people through its platforms. The users can create a profile, to share contents€¦ Its last aim is to create a network of people.

Within this group we found some of the used Social Networks more, as for example Facebook or Weixin in China. It discovers the complete and up-to-date list of the more popular Social Networks here.

  • Vertical Social networks

Also known as specialized Social Networks.

They are those in which the users characterize themselves to share some I interest certain with some concrete purposes on a subject or subject. What facilitates and stimulates the interaction between users and their grouping.

Therefore, so many types of vertical Social Networks exist as subjects or subjects he has in the world. In other words, whenever a Social Network arises that speaks on a concrete subject, appears a new subcategory within the specialized Social Networks.

With the purpose of to review the main ones, we are going to concentrate in the different types who exist:

  • According to the thematic one: based on the interest subject.
  • On the basis of the activity: in relation to the functions and possibilities of interaction that offer the services.
  • By the shared content: since that is the main reason for the relations between the users who participate in the social network.

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Classification Vertical Social Networks

By Thematic:

  • Professionals

They are focused to the labor scope and they allow the relation between professionals of different sectors.

The Professional Social Networks are very useful as much for companies as for individuals. Concerning user because you can show your trajectory, CB, recommendations, search use€¦ And concerning company because it helps to be in touch with professionals, to publish supplies of use€¦

The professional social network par excellence is LinkedIn.

  • Trips

Experiences, advice, recommendations and valuations of all type about places worldwide share, from cities or towns to restaurants, hotels and a long list of others.  Without a doubt, they have happened over the traditional guides.

The Social Networks of Trips more known this type are TripAdvisor and Minube. Although also many more as Travellers Point or WAYN exist.

  • Likings

The Social Networks of Likings are integrated by users who share the passion by a concrete activity of leisure.

Some examples are Athlinks, of swimming and athletics; Raverly, for fans to the point and ganchillo; Dogster, for the lovers of the dogs€¦

  • Cultural identity

On the occasion of the migratory movements, the globalisation and the trips low COST, many users who share origin country have created social networks to maintain their cultural identity.

We can emphasize Spaniards that is the virtual community of Spaniards in the world or Asianave, focused to the Asian-Americans.

  • Social movements

It is interesting since they show to the dynamism of these social channels and the rapidity in which they evolve. These networks arise as answer to a social preoccupation.

Some examples are Care2 in which people interested in the ecological lifestyle and the social activism group themselves; Nextdoor, to stimulate the conviencia and to fight the solitude of the people in the districts, etc.

  • Contact

The users create profiles in these platforms to know people and to find friendly or pair.

When we spoke of social networks to bind to everybody comes the same at the top to him: Tinder. We could say that it is to the Social Networks of contact which Facebook to the Horizontal Social Networks.

  • Languages

The members look for to learn languages and these platforms facilitate the interaction between users to obtain it. Also, advice, contents share€¦

Some examples of Social Networks of Languages would be Busuu or just created by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia centered in teaching and learning the Catalan Apparella't.

  • Purchases

They serve to share experiences, recommendations and information of all type about products that are of great value for the processes of purchase and sale of the member users. Also, also products and services are supplied.

A social network of purchase of great success in Spain is Wallapop. Amazon also has sent to the market of the Social Networks of Purchases creating hers own one: Amazon Spark.

By Activity:

  • Microblogging:

They are defined to allow to send and to publish brief text messages. If we spoke of microblogging the queen is Twitter.

  • Games:

In these types of Social Networks users group themselves to play and to be related to other players. Some examples are Twitch or World of Warcraft.

  • Geolocalizaci³n:

They allow to show the geographic positioning of a person, monument, restaurant€¦ And so the users can share digital contents of a concrete site and leave their opinions. One of known the Social Networks of Geolocalizaci³n more is Foursquare.

  • Social markers:

They serve to store and to classify connections shared with others. You can know the lists the other users, vote them and as well comment them. Most popular they are Digg and Delicious.

By Shared Content:

  • Photos:

Photographies can be kept, be ordered, be looked for and be shared.

Great Social Networks of Photos are Flickr or Pinterest.

  • Videos:

They allow the same possibilities that the Social Networks of Photos, but with audio-visual content.

And in the top of mind is networks as YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.

  • Music:

Any user who registers himself in them will be able to listen to, to store, to classify and to share music.

Some examples could be, Grooveshark or the Spotify giant.

  • Presentations:

Focused to a professional or academic scope. In them they are possible to be kept, to classify, to share and to even unload presentations of all type.

More well-known the Social Network of Presentations is Slideshare.

  • The news:

The news and updates share on diverse subjects. We could say that they are as markers or aggregators in real time.

One of the most known in Spain is Wags to me.

  • Readings:

Tastes and literary preferences on the basis of opinions based with arguments on books or readings share. The users can create their own virtual library.

Some examples of Social Networks of Reading are Librarything or GoodReads.

They are possible to be segmented in different subtypes according to the thematic one, the activity or the content shared through them.




Since you have been able to see different types from Social Networks exist. Certainly between all she is or those that better adapt to which your company needs. Those social means in which a Community Manager or a Social Average Manager can find to your target and connect successfully with him.

The ideal is the combination of Horizontal Social Networks and Vertical Social Networks, but accounts with professionals of the Marketing Online you will not have of what worrying to you, since they will know as doing it.

Before finishing, we wanted to remember that this is the main clasificiaci³n. However, there are specialists of the digital world who also defend other alternative classifications based for example on the access (public or private), the cost (gratuitous or of payment), the platform (metaversos or Web), etc.

You knew of this classification? You meet other types Social Networks? Count us in the commentaries. 

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