In what Social Networks must be your brand

How to choose Social Networks for your brand

You are home with your business or you already have been a time and you want to expand in the digital scope. You want that your brand is in the Social Networks, but they invade the doubts to you: In which it must be? How to know which adapts better to your company?

To choose your presence in Social Networks is not something that you can do completely without information nor of boat soon. Yes, you have read well, is not easy. She To your nephew is everything a process behind, so nothing to throw it to luck or to be in charge who is a crack in the video-games. If you want results, it is necessary to make this decision with the help from specialized professionals and but it is possible with a study of the situation not to mistake to you.

And it is that to be in all it does not have any sense (the one that much sandal little tightens). In the same way that to only be in one does not serve either as much. Everything is fruit of a previous analysis on the basis of your objectives and your target to know where the perfect place can be so that you connect with your potential users and clients. When we spoke of the importance of the social networks we did not speak of them as a channel of sale of a product or service but as a channel of loyalty in which to establish a relation unique and different with the contained user being offered to him from value: exclusive supplies and promotions, information on the product or service, audio-visual content, etc. Are for this reason that he is vital to choose correctly which are the adapted ones for your brand.Community calendar Manager




Steps to choose in what Social Networks must be your Business

If you cannot have specialists in the matter, these are some advice who you can follow:

1. It defines the public of your brand

He is essential to know well who form leaves from your target and to center you in his challenges, their preoccupations, their needs, their behaviors and their criteria of decision. This will help you to have a more approximate idea of whom he is your public, being avoided to involve the mistaken people. And at the same time, you will know what is what loves your objective public and what no.

2. It studies the different possibilities

The Social Average is a very ample field and exist social networks of all the tastes and colors. For that reason it is important that you know the different possibilities well that you have before choosing. Perhaps to make a listing with all the options is what it agrees to you more so that you can choose more easily.


We have made a list updated with the Social Networks more popular than you it can helpful be.


Social networks that are focused to a more concrete niche, to a specific lifestyle exist, to a thematic one (the vertical calls), as for example Flickr (it photographs), Soundcloud (Music), Yelp (Gastronomy), etc. and later, are those that are of general interest and whose use more is extended (those than we know as horizontals), as could be Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Also, we can classify them according to that they have a global influence as for example Instagram or Google Plus or those that they have an influence centralized in certain regions or countries as Qzone or PenYouWan (in China), VKontakte (in Russia), etc.

With the purpose of to facilitate you the elaboration of this listing, we give a listing you with the 10 used Social Networks with the up-to-date data more to 2017.

  1. Facebook: 1.900 million registered users.
  2. Whatsapp: 1.200 million users.
  3. YouTube: 1.000 million users.
  4. Messenger: 1.000 million active users.
  5. WeChat: 889 million users.
  6. QQ: 869 million users.
  7. Qzone: 638 million users.
  8. Instagram: 600 million users.
  9. Twitter: 319 million users.
  10. Weibo: 313 million users.

3. It chooses in what networks to be

It chooses the Social Networks that approach the characteristics of your clients, their interests, etc. or are horizontal or vertical more or a combination of both, that usually is most habitual.

If nonaccounts with the help of a specialist in Digital Marketing or Social Networks, tomato your time and decides with solid arguments the networks in which you want that your brand is present. As we come saying this step is essential in your digital strategy and it will mark the success of the relation with your users.

A series of questions exists that can serve to you to sharpen in your decision on the basis of the information which already you have of the different existing social networks.

  • Who form the objective public of your brand?
  • What profiles have that objective public?
  • What ages have?
  • Which are their pleasures?
  • What preoccupations have?
  • You will be able to offer to him contained that responds those needs?
  • You have the resources necessary to manage that social network? Human as As much economic?
  • Does Your digital strategy adapt to la/s red/es social/es at issue?

To solve these questions will help you to have a more concise idea of which it is the situation of your company and what it is truly what more it is suitable you upon the scope of Social Average.

To follow these steps will allow you to accurately choose the social networks in which you must, can and wants to be present with your brand.

In what Social Networks must be your brand

Because not to take advantage of Filon who is the Social Networks any business nowadays to optimize the bidirectional communication user-client it is an error. Therefore, you must be present yes or yes. Whatever sector of your business certainly is one or several social networks where they are your to buyer people.

In what Social Networks can be your brand

Because you must be conscious of your resources, which are your capacities and which are your limitations. If the advisable thing for your company is that it would be the presence in 4 social networks, but by resources (human as as much economic), you only can manage as it must 2 social networks, will be better than you choose to be present only in those two.

In what Social Networks you want that it is your brand

Because if you do not have the advising of an expert person in Social Average, it will be called on to you to choose or the best options for your case and all this will comprise of your decision after following these steps that we recommended to you.



Once realised these steps and seizure the decision to choose Social Networks for your brand, arrives the moment for putting hands to you to the work and for home to work the plan of Social Average, to manage the resources that will be reversed in that scope, to elaborate contents€¦

If you want to ensure success in your decision, it bets by the quality and the experience of professionals of Marketing Online to advise to you.


How you chose in what Social Networks would be your company? You have doubts? You need help to do it?

Count us in the commentaries.


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