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Agenda of Events of Digital Marketing 2020

In the digital sector the changes are continuous, the technology evolves to an unstoppable rate and everything what today you know has expiration date. It is a reality, you you know it and we know it, there are not at all no new shortage. For that reason we have made the Agenda of Events of Digital Marketing of 2020. (more€¦)

Community calendar Manager 2020

Community calendar Manager 2020 [Plantilla Contained Social Average + List Key Moments FREE]

One of the essential aptitudes of any specialist in social networks who boasts is to be. The Community Calendar Manager serves to know everything what happens around to ours and to transmit it to the community in the form of ingenious and attractive publications with added value that they attract the users and they urge to participate to them.

You are of that they have difficulties to find inspiration? No longer you will have of what worrying to you. To know what events are going to happen as much during the year within the digital sector, as in the surroundings of the company and at national and international level it helps you to prepare publications in time. Forget you to have left to you in target.

Not to leave anything you in the inkpot different formulas exist and there he is where it appears the Community Calendar Manager, formed by the Calendar Plan (Plan of Calendar) that next to the later Content Plan (Plan of Contents) is the indispensable elements that ensure the success and the professionalism of any revitalising one of social networks.

What is a Calendar of Contents Social Average?

The Calendar Plan is the tool that will allow to know you the most outstanding days of the year, those days it nails (Key Moments) and to adapt them to the strategy of your company to realise corresponding publications being organized your ideas in a Content Plan.

In other words, the Calendar Plan is the agenda of the Community Manager where events take shelter, festive and campaigns of the brand at issue. And the Content Plan where all the creativities (video, image, GIF, etc.) accompanied by copys are spilled that you will publish for the selected dates.

They are not possible to be understood the one without the other, since in case single they lose his true sense. Both form the manual of all cm: the Community Calendar Manager. Also known as Calendar Contents Social Average.

Perhaps you think that your company or certain clients does not have relation with the different outstanding days in your calendar by their sector or for being very peculiar, but nothing else far from the reality.

There already the creativity enters game and I devise that you must to tie them. For example, how you would tie a brand of cars with Halloween? already many ideas are happened to us, and?

It is only necessary to give a nut return him and certainly great ideas arise to you.

Why you have to plan your publications in social networks east 2020?

There are people who think that it is not necessary and hope to the day that she is to publish what it is happened to them, but this goes to the detriment of marca/s that you take in social networks. If you use a Calendar of Contents your publications will improve and your community will thank for it. These are the main advantages:

calendar community managerOrganization

The forecast is essential to guarantee the organization and to fulfill the objectives and to follow the digital strategy that must on Facebook follow your company or la/s of your cliente/s, Twitter, Pinterest or where it wants that he is present.

* Even so, it is necessary to leave a margin to unpredictable facts or of the present time that can arise any day to any hour and on any subject that can bear relation to your brand and interest your community. It is task of the cm of being preparation to be able to respond that at the moment before events a creative and effective form.

calendar community managerOpportunity

Have present the Calendar Plan assures not to let to you to no event nor day to you important for your company or marca/s that you take and therefore, not to lose no opportunity to connect with the community.

calendar community managerValue

To prepare publications ahead of time will cause that you can outline the objectives that you want to obtain with the publication and to destine the time and necessary resources. This will cause that they are better and than they contribute to more value to the community improving engagement, which will make you emphasize over publications of your competitors of the date at issue.

Anticipation + time + resources = + value

calendar community managerTo increase sales

They are possible to be obtained by two routes. One is, that thanks to preparing publications in advance, is much better and of greater value for the followers of the brand and so it increases engagement and therefore the reminder of the brand in future actions of purchase.

And the other consists of taking advantage of certain Key Moments that gives much game to send to special prices of the services or products of the brand (special supplies or reductions). They do not have because to be the dates about which all we thought, as for example Black Friday. Also you can take advantage of other days nails as for example the Day of the Snow. If you are a brand of sport, you can send reductions in the section of clothes to ski and other accessories. This it is only an example, but you can do it with as long as they are happened to you.

To present a reduced price either another type of supplies works very or to attract the potential clients and usually repels in an increase of the sales of that d­a/s in particular and in a positive reputation for the brand. So take advantage of it! 😉

Now you know the importance of knowing the Key Moments and of having a good Calendar of Contents Social Average (Calendar Plan + Content Plan) to be successful in your strategy in social networks, but as little he will serve to you if you do not know how to do it.

How to create a Calendar of Contents for the social networks of your brand?

social calendar average1. Audit

The first step is to know in which situation is your brand. If you already have a community of followers, and you have not done it until now, you must analyze at great length what profiles thus form it for being able to adapt the messages to their tastes and preferences. In addition to looking for in what red/es the community is more active, which presents a greater growth and to identify where you have more engagement.

If, on the contrary, your brand is new in the social world online you will have to determine to what type of people you wish to direct to your messages in the networks in agreement with your strategy, that is to say, those people who interest to you that they form your community for being potential clients of your products or services.

In both cases the essential is to know who sees, reads and interacts with your publications at the moment or can make it in the future thus to choose in what social networks to be. It can be that they change the profiles of your followers following the social network in which you communicate, so you must have it in account when to make the Calendar of Contents.

social calendar of contents average2. What you want to obtain with your publications?

To define the goals of the actions of tu/s marca/s in social networks allows you to establish la/s estrategia/s adecuada/s with la/s that to manage them and the objective public to whom to direct to you.

The objectives can be diverse: Branding, to increase the number of followers, to catch new clients, to stimulate the sales, etc.

It is necessary to know clearly the objective of each publication thus to raise the message of the key moment and the propose goal of the action so that it is related to the thematic one chosen.

to plan in social networks3. To plan publications

Calendarizar the dates nails and all the publications that you want to realise will cause that you do not leave any. When it arrives the day only you will have what to see what is called on to publish and to supervise that everything has gone as you wished.

calendar social networks4. The message

You cannot transmit the same message nor use the same Copy for all the networks. One is different social networks, therefore the publications also must be it.

Each social network has its type of hearing. For example, in Snapchat the majority of users is of young profile.

So the message that you want to transmit and the Copy that you use (with hashtags, emojis, the number of characters, the used tone, etc.) must have all that in account.

In the same way also you must adapt the format of the message: GIF, Photo 360º, Video, Album of photos, connects, etc. Is an essential part since by very good that it is the message, if the format is not the adapted one will lose its value.

There are formats that work more in some social networks that others just as there are formats that have more engagement with a type of hearing that with others.

Really, you must let run your imagination and use all your creativity to create unique and original messages on the basis of the followers whom your brand in each social network has.


Now that already you know the vademecum of the Community Managers certainly you will not avoid the necessity to have one. By where you begin? You don't have time?

You do not worry, we we helped you. Next you can FREE unload the group of the Calendar of the Community Manager so that you can organize your publications. In addition, of the Calendar of Key Moments with all the dates it nails of the year.



You are home as Community Manager? You use a Social Calendar of Contents Average? How you organize publications?

Count us in the commentaries!

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What is a Community Manager. Functions and qualities. [MEGA GUIDE]

If some ago years had told you what is a Community Manager, surely you would have made use at the top. It would have sounded to you to Chinese all this of the management of the Social Average, the invigoration of the Social Networks€¦ But, the times change, the technology advances and the labor panorama evolves until arriving at the point of which the Community professional Manager is one of the figures more demanded by the companies.