30 Banks and Pages to unload Free Videos FREE [Of High Quality and of Rights]

To incorporate the video to the strategy online of your brand is essential nowadays (it is what we called Video Marketing). What why everybody looks for pages to unload videos of high quality free (4K or HD)?

Give the play! We are in the era of the video! It is the format king in the network. If you want to connect with the users, your community of followers and with the potential clients you must bet by the Video Marketing. Your competitors already are doing it, you do not remain back.

Advantages of the video for your Digital Projects

  • Effectiveness to explain a information and that this one is understood of simple form by the user. For that reason they are so important, for example, the product videos in one e-commerce.
  • The dynamism and the clarity of the videos contribute one better experience of user to your Web. And this repels in an increase of the dwell time and so also it improves the SEO.
  • It is demonstrated that the videos more reactions on the part of the users obtain many who the other formats in the social channels. The videos increase engagement with the followers. For that reason Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others networks, are betting by this format for some years: IG TV, Video 360º, Videos in direct, etc.
  • When connecting with the users and bringing about in them emotions it is much more easy that these share the videos and they are ended up returning viral.

In case this was not sufficient, all this contributes to an improvement of the sales and the ROI. We have convinced to You now?

As we shelp before, to bet by the video implies a payment greater than to do it by other formats online; but, luckily, there is all a series of resources that cause that it is within reach of all the economic brands independent of its size or resources.

Where to find the best gratuitous videos to unload and to use in the strategy of your business online?

At the moment, they exist multitude of platforms that facilitate the task. We talked about to the banks and pages of gratuitous videos of which you can extract great amount of audio-visual content of high free quality HD or 4K of rights.

You must pay attention because in some there are Creative Commons licenses according to which you will have to mention the author when you use one of his videos.

So that you do not waste more time and you begin to already work in the Video Marketing of your company, we have created a listing with the 30 Webs and gratuitous pages of video more complete than you are going to find. In addition, we commented the main characteristics of each and some aspects to consider.

Taking notices, go here:

The 30 Better Banks of Videos Free HD and 4K (Free of Rights)

1. Coverr

As its own name indicates, they are names whose main function is the one to occupy home pages or heads of webpages. They are videos in free HD and for the commercial or personal use. You can try how they are in the own head of the Web of Coverr before unloading them and all this without needing registering to you.

Video Coverr Marketing


2. Pixabay

Perhaps you have used it to unload images or vectors, but also you can unload a great amount of videos. They have more than 1.4 million in its base.

The good thing is that when you introduce the term on which you wish to find videos you can filter the results by effects (animation, slow motion or time of return), category (All, animal, aquitectura, etc.) and resolution (HD or 4K).

Audio-visual content for Social Networks in Pixabay


3. Distill

Clips follows a line similar to Coveer of update with the incorporation of 10 new every week. Not to lose no to you it is the possibility of giving you of discharge in its Newsletter.

As far as characteristics, they are videos HD for personal or commercial use divided in 8 categories: animal, technology, objects, nature, food, city, people and architecture.

It improves your Marketing of audio-visual contents with Distill


4. Dareful

One of the few banks of author videos that you will be able to find in this listing. And it is that all the contents are created by the author and founder of the page: Joe Holland. One is videos of maximum resolution (4K) with license Creative Commons 4.0. They present a characteristic point of view and they are added weekly of five in five.

It free improves your strategy of contents with the bank of videos Dareful


5. Mazwai

A page of videos as the others, but with concrete effects as none. Here you will be able to find original videos of slow motions, timelapse€¦

In spite of his high quality, they are free free videos of rights, although the majority of them is under license CC0 3,0 (so that we are understood, you must mention the author).

The only disadvantage that we found him is bad navigation by the page since it does not have finder. You only can be guided by the categories to end up finding that one video that litters looking for your brand.

It free increases engagement of your publications with banks of videos as Mazawi


6. Life of vids

It does not have an own bank of videos as so, but it gives access to the free videos of Vimeo of rights that you can free unload in format mp4 and with high quality.

Videos free of quality for your brand


7. Ignite Motion

A bank to have more in account to have videos free, in free HD and of rights; in addition to by its compatibility with the majority of software (QuickTime or mp4).

Bank of gratuitous audio-visual content


8. Pond5

This is another one of the pages stars by its audio-visual content as much of payment as gratuitous: images, illustrations, etc. Account with more than gratuitous 10 thousands clips, but for its unloading is necessary the registry in the Web.

Videos free of high quality


9. Videvo

If you look for by categories, this it is your bank of videos: it has more than 30. Although also it allows the search by keywords. That yes you must remain kind to the type of license of each video. Perhaps in some of them the attribution to the author is obligatory.

Bank of gratuitous videos for your strategy online


10. Vimeo

What we are going to tell to you of Vimeo that no longer you know? Ah, yes! That also it has his section of bank of free videos of gratuitous unloading and of rights. You knew It?

Through the filters that are in the lateral menu, you can choose the type of license, see the most popular videos, etc. In addition, and this is the best thing, when you have chosen the video allows to choose the size and the quality of the video.

Webpage of gratuitous videos


11. Archive.org

Here you will be able to find contents of all type (4K, HD and UHD) and of all the times and categories. Without a doubt, with Archive.org you will have within reach of your hand a lifted number of audio-visual resources.

Bank of free videos of payment


12. Beach Front-B Roll

Videos HD and animations, free free of rights and without needing registry. Perhaps it interests to you to know that this page belongs to Blogspot.

Video easy Marketing


13. Xstock video

One of the best banks of videos search by thematic, from buildings, nature or landscapes, to people, education and a long list of others. Also you can see the videos with more unloadings and whichever times have been seen.

The only disadvantage, the obligation to register itself to unload any video.

Bank of gratuitous videos of high quality


14. Pexels Video

The same Pixabay is surely more well-known for being a bank of images that of videos, but we invited not to stop to you consulting it.

Not only they are free videos of rights (license Creative Commons Zero €“ CC0), but also that you can unload them without needing log in nor registries, something than we are very fans.

Bank of audio-visual content


15. Flix Press

If you wish to complement your clips with professional groups, you must visit it without lack. In order to accede to the gratuitous content you must be registered previously and later to apply to the filter €œfree.€

Bank of video clips


16. Vidsplay

A good bank of videos of hi-res and without needing registry. In addition you can previsualize the video before the unloading.

Videos of hi-res


17. Movie Tools

We emphasize the possibility of unloading videos effects 2D and 3D, something that is not in all the Webs of this listing.

And, in case you it can be of help, in the same Web it counts free on tutorial to publish videos in Adobe Premiere and Movie Maker.

Videos 2D and 3D


18. Storyblocks

The inconvenient major is that it is only possible to free prove this bank during 7 days. Even so we have thought that it could not lack in this listing since it has more than 100 thousand videos in free HD and of rights.

Bank of gratuitous videos


19 Cute Footage Stock

You are fan of the special effects? This is your page, without a doubt! You can look for by categories and unload videos yet type of special effects. A page that you must consider very be that as it may so you need the video: to create a corporative video, to complement an announcement, etc.

Videos with special effects


20. Organge HD

In this Web you will be able to unload a great amount of audio-visual material for your clips of different thematic (technology, nature, etc.) and without needing registering themselves.

Audio-visual material


21. Mitch Mart­nez

Another Web €œof author€ that we could not stop adding in this list. Mitch Mart­nez is photography director and is the author of each and every one of the videos raised its page. You can unload them free of charge; but, that yes, you will have to mention to him as author of the content that you have chosen.

Bank of author videos


22. Clipcanvas

Most of videos of the Web are of payment, but also it has some gratuitous ones although the amount more is limited. You can look for what you wish through diverse categories.

Free bank of payment videos


23. Splasheo

Another bank of videos to consider by its variety more. What we like more is that you can personalize animations and apply the really attractive and original effects that you wish obtaining clips.

Bank of videos free for video marketing


24. Free HD Footage

It has videos HD and 4K, as well as diverse effects. All this divided in categories that will allow to find and to unload the video right away you, without having to contribute no personal data.

Videos free for Digital Marketing


25. Footage open

If you look for videos of quality and with effects as timelapse, panoramic, etc. this one is another one of the pages that you must add to your favorites. That yes in this platform all the videos present the License of Creative Commons Attribution 4,0. and so you will have to attribute to the author independent of the function for which you use the video.

Videos for gratuitous Social Networks


26. Free JPG-Video

Another platform more than includes the term €œfree€ in its name and that enchants to us. She is Argentine and it periodically raises videos Vimeo to which you can accede easily and unload them if you wish it.

Gratuitous bank of videos


27. Footage crate

Videos in all type of qualities of image and sound that are raised YouTube previously, and so to add them to a post of your blog or to the Web of your brand is eaten bread.

Videos free


28. Bottled Video

Centered basically in landscapes worldwide. The videos free to which you have access are of very short duration, but they can be of utility to complement your clips.

Free audio-visual content for Digital Marketing


29. Videezy

Videos with a quality top (4K or HD) that you can look for by key words or category.

Each video picks up the use that you can do of him according to his license. What we like more of this platform is the agility of the process, since it is not necessary to register itself to unload the content.

Videos free of high quality for strategy online


30. Motion Elements

Account with and free free videos of use that you can unload if you register yourself. It is a platform with more of a million elements multimedia, from videos, groups of After Effects and music to videos in 360º. The only disadvantage is that if you want them in format HD you must buy them.

Without a doubt this site is ideal dice its great variety of adaptable resources to any project. In addition it counts on tutorial to help you to publish your videos.

Elements multimedia free for digital use


Conclusion on the importance of the Video Marketing

As we shelp to the home, the video for years it has been arriving to remain. With the listing of banks and pages to free unload videos that we have elaborated, no longer you will have excuse not to bet by the Video Marketing in your strategy online. If you do not add you to this new current, your company will remain back.

With quality video you will only contribute that fresh and original content to your community that will allow to increase engagement you with the followers of your brand, to attract potential clients and to sell more.

Your users will thank for it, your projects will improve and your business will end up winning.

Been You useful has the list? You know some other bank gratuitous videos HD or 4K?

Count us in the commentaries.




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