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What are the Social Networks [Definition and differences with the Social Average]

What are the Social Networks is one of the questions that by very obvious that it always seems even finish presented difficulties in their answer for more of an expert of the sector. So we are going to shed light to the subject so that there are not doubts on the concept.

What is a social network?

The term Social Network is coined by sociology long before the irruption of Internet in our lives. Concretely one begins to use to define the relation between individuals, groups or organizations at the end of century XIX. They go beyond the technology, one is about connections and relations. We see:


A Social Network is a social structure composed by a set of users (such as individual or organizations) that they are related according to some criterion (professional relation, friendship, kinship, etc.).  They have become, in a few years, in a global phenomenon, expand as open systems in constant construction of themselves, like the people who use them. Wikipedia


She would be hypocritical to deny that great part of that vertiginous expansion of the social means that comments comes given by the evolution from the technology as a result of the appearance of Internet. The appearance of the first Social Networks in Internet at the home of the 21st century, as for example MySpace, hi5, Facebook€¦ changed our form to relate us for always. This is the part that really interests to us!



Definition of social networks in Internet (also called virtual social networks or online)


It has more than a definition of Social Networks, but all of them agree in the same points. So we have created ours:

The Social Networks (RRSS) in Internet are structures in the form of Web or application that allows that people or institutions communicate to each other with the purpose of to create groups or communities with common interests. The contact between emitters and receivers is continuous and bidirectional. The interactivity, the immediacy and the viralidad reign.


You know what Social Network has more users? Yes, exactly. The one that you were thinking. Mark Zuckerberg continues commanding with Facebook with 2,271 million active users. At the moment, the used Social Networks more are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Weixin/WeChat
  6. Instagram
  7. QQ
  8. Qzone
  9. Douyin/TikTok
  10. Sina Weibo


It seems that it has been clear what is a virtual social network. But even so there are people who continue it confusing with another concept closely related: the Social Average. Your also you think that they are the same?


Social Average is the set of means and supports that allow to connect people and information through the new technologies and Internet. One is political, affective and economic an ecosystem where a very excellent part of the social activity is developed, of the people who group in Social Networks and Virtual Communities by a common interest.

But, then what are the Social Means? Simply it is the translation to the Spanish of the Average term Social, so one talks about to the same concept that we finished defining.

As you can see RRSS and Social Average are terms that go of the hand, but do not mean the same.

The Social Networks are that connection between people with common interests to which we made reference in the most sociological definition of the home. However, Social Average is a much more ample term in which all the means are grouped that help the people to be united through Internet and the technology, as for example videos, blogs or the own Social Networks.

Community calendar Manager






Really, which we must extract of all these concepts and definitions are that the companies must be where they are the people and be related to social them at all costs available. It is by that reason that the RRSS are essential to be able to be related to clients and consumers. If your brand is not in them, it does not exist. So yes: the moment has arrived for looking for Community Manager, Social Average Manager or Average Social Agency that helps to remove all the juice you from the Social Networks.


You knew that Social Average and Social Networks are not the same? You use the terms erroneously?

Count us in the commentaries.



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