Advantages of the Social Networks

17 Advantages of the Social Networks (for Companies and Businesses Online)

Everybody wants to improve the presence online of its businesses through Social Average. Nevertheless, few people know which are the advantages of the Social Networks. She is for this reason that great part of the brands, companies and institutions does not finish removing the sufficient party to him.

It is clear that before all this you must very clearly know the concept in himself, that is to say, not to have doubts exceeds what is the Social Networks. If the rest of steps does not have sense some.

Then, you will ask yourself: It has to be my business in the Social Networks?

You do not worry, that doubt is more habitual than you create. There are many people who are reticent to use them for their business. Clearly that question implies a total ignorance of the potential of social means. But we are here for solving it and that question will be resolute next with the list of benefits of the social networks.

As surely you know, they must as main function harness the image of a business and of contributing to an increase of the conversions. Logically, for it a correct use is necessary.



Your clients pass great part of their time in these digital channels, so your company must take advantage of it yes or yes.

Social marketing allows that your company has benefits in the relation with the client who no other means can offer to you. And at the same time it contributes to the reputation online of your brand.

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So we are going to concentrate in the pros so that it is clear everything what can lose your business if is not preparation or it does not make a good use of the Social Networks.

They are characterized by the following positive points:


definition of social networks

1. To gain visibility


Through marketing in Social Networks you can extend the image of your brand at global level without no limitation more than the one of your creativity. Branding 100%.


To scale your business2. To be able to scale your business


Directly related to the previous point. We emphasize as these digital mass media eliminate great part of the differences between the great companies and those of smaller dimension. The balance of commercial possibilities for all the companies independent of its size balances in certain the way. We see examples every day of small companies that manage to extend their horizons and to grow thanks to the good use of the Social Networks.


to obtain to major traffic Web3. Greater traffic Web


Sharing contained of own quality, you can easily increase the number of visits to your social profiles and your website.


management reputation online4. Improvement of the reputation online


If you manage to connect with your clients, your reputation online will see beneficiary. And in addition it will contribute to that you can catch new. How? For example, through the reviews. The opinion of other clients on your brand in Social Networks can be key in the final decision of a potential client.


to take care of the attention of the client5. Facility in the attention to the client


Commentaries, questions, critics, suggestions€¦ are common and they occur on a daily basis in social networks. It is very important to always give answer, to do it the sooner and of the best possible form (education, not to lie€¦) so that there is not possibility of any crisis online. In other words, a good attention to the client is one of the pillars of a positive reputation online.


how to catch clients online

6. Loyalty of clientes and pick up of potential clients


For it the Average Social strategy adapted for your company is only necessary considering your characteristics, those of the sector in which it is, the resources available€¦


Why to use social networks

7. Measurement


You can know the result any action that you realise in time real thanks to the statistics of the same Social Networks or the data that can give other tools you of monitoring (which they can free be or of payment). Only with the measurement and the later analysis you will be able to optimize the presence online of your company.


Advantages of the social networks8. Benchmarking


Directly related to the measurement it is the analysis of the competition. Investigating what they do the rest of brands in Social Networks you can identify what is doing well and what they are making bad to learn and to have it in account for your brand. Also, it allows you to clearly identify the situation of your company, as well as its strengths and threats.


Segmentation of target in Social Networks9. Segmentation of target


You can direct contents to that you want through customized announcements. In other words, you can hit to the person adapted at the correct moment with the ideal content so that it conducts the battle that you wish: that they comment the publication, that writes to you, that visits your Web€¦


More popular Social networks10. More communication channels


If there is a thing in that they have changed to the game the Social Networks is in the great amount of routes that have the companies now to put themselves in touch with the clients and vice versa. They exist of all the thematic ones that you can be imagined. You know which are the more popular Social Networks at the moment?


Viral marketing in Social Networks11. Viralidad


Supplies, promotions, as well as contained unique and original can get to quickly spread between infinite users times until becoming viral.


Opportunities of business in Social Networks12. New opportunities of business


Through the management and the monitoring of the successfully obtained data of the own activity of the company in social means, you will know in greater depth your hearing: its preoccupations, their tastes, their interests€¦ This is essential since it will allow you to identify what wants, what needs and what it demands. Later, you will have to consider as your company can get to cover those needs. In other words, you will discover new opportunities of business for your company.


Human resources Online13. Processes of selection of personnel


The Social Networks facilitate the task to the specialists in Human Resources or the leaders of companies. Why? Now she is much more easy and effective the pick up and selection of new employees. The supplies of use can easily be identified the profiles that are looking for and be directed directly to them. A great example is LinkedIn.


to improve positioning online14. It favors of the positioning


The presence adapted in these social means contributes to improve positioning online of your brand. The SEO of your business will thank for it.


AB Redes Sociales test15. Tests


As we come saying, the Social Networks allow to know your hearing and are a faithful reflection of the market. It is for this reason that there are many brands that realise previous tests of testeo (pre-tests) to the launching of products or services in these social means. Later, based on the reaction of the users they end up taking a decision or other than they extrapolate on sale physical or online (concerning Web).

Also, tests can be realised test AB of the announcements realised in these platforms to see which is being the reaction of the hearing and to end up choosing the one that better works.


To internationalize your company16. Internationalization


In Internet there are temporary no geographic barriers nor. Therefore, in the Social Networks either. Your company can connect with users and potential clients of around the world the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week, the 365 days of the year.


Networking through Social Networks17. Networking


One opens to a great very extensive fan of possibilities of collaboration between particular professionals and/or companies. And do you realise networking through the Social Networks?


Now already you know all the positive points that have social means for your brand. Without a doubt the best thing is the possibility of connecting with your clients in the place in which they feel comfortable.

Then, it is clear that it is not an option. Rather it is an obligation for any type of business independent of his size.

Since you have been able to see is a pity not to enjoy all the advantages of the Social Networks, for that reason always we recommended to bet by the quality and to contract to a Community Manager, a Social Average Manager or any professional of Digital Marketing that ensures the success of the actions developed by the brand in the networks.


You know other advantages the Social Networks?

Count us in the commentaries.

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