List of the used Social Networks more of the world.

The Social Networks More Used 2019 [Analysis + List]

The use of the Social Networks has not stopped to grow since they arose. They have become everything a phenomenon without which we could not conceive the society in which we lived. They appear new, they disappear others, but the growth of users is exponential year after year and it will continue it being. So that you have a clear idea of the used Social Networks more and the magnitude of the Social Average in the life of the people nowadays, we are going to throw some data exceeds how it is the panorama at the moment (Data January 2019).  FYI:

  • We are 3.484 trillions of users in Social Networks anywhere in the world. Surprising, truth? But, he is it still more if tenth that data represents that a 45% of the total of the world-wide population are usuary assets in the Social Networks. A 45%! Near half of the world and all this in spite of the problems that still exist in the penetration of Internet in some zones.
  • The users we are an average of 2 h and 16 minutes to the day in the social channels. So imagine to you of the time that prepares the brands to connect with the consumers.
  • The great majority of users of Social Networks we connected ourselves from movable devices, concretely 3.256 trillions of users or what a 42% of the total of the world-wide population are the same. This data does not leave place to doubts: the brands must destine their efforts to focus the strategies Social Average to connect with the users through their movable devices. To remember that by movable devices not only we talked about to smartphones, but also we included tablets, smartwatch€¦


It seems that it has been clear, no? To be in the Social Networks no longer is an option if not rather an obligation. All brand must be where he is his objective public, is one of the main orders of Marketing Online.

But it does not have to be being, nor being in the maximum of possible Social Networks. It is necessary to analyze the situation well and to choose with head. You can extend information with our post In what Social Networks must be your brand.

Then, you will ask yourself: Which are the more popular social networks?

So that you know where to find the consumers of your brand, we have used the information of Statista (October of 2018), as well as the one of Hootsuite and Social We Are (January of 2019) to make the list of the lists: the list with the used Social Networks more of 2019. Taking notices!

Classification used Social Networks more

RankingSocial network
4Facebook Messenger
10Sina Weibo
15Bhelpu Tieba

List used Social Networks more (by million users)

Social networkMillion users
Facebook Messenger1.300
Sina Weibo446
Bhelpu Tieba300


The Social Networks that raise more

  • Facebook par excellence continues being the social network. Year after year follows its unstoppable growth and this it was not less going to be. A 1.7% in number of active users respect has grown, which is about more 37 million users. He is nothing There! And all this in spite of the controversy of Cambridge Analytics and its policies of privacy. It seems that there is not one who can make shade to Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Nevertheless, the fashionable social network, the social network of the year has been€¦ (Sound of drums) Instagram. Why? 38 Million active users more than the previous year are the guilty. A growth of + 4.4% that has turned it into the Social Network that has grown more. The data speak in case single.
  • On the other hand, the Chinese Social Networks follow their particular ascent and we found more to 5 in top 10 of used Social Networks of the world. We emphasize, the growth of Sina Weibo with a + 3.5% (or what it matters to us, +15 million active users) and WeChat with a +2.3% (equivalent to +25 million active users).

Community calendar Manager

The Social Networks that lower more 

  • You remember that before we could share histories in Instagram, that was only possible in Snapchat? Apparently just as you, are many the users who no longer remember and are leaving of side this social network. It seems destined to an announced death unless he re-invents himself. Without a doubt, Mark Zuckerberg advanced by the right to Snapchat when incorporating histories in its networks. The data of the reduction of active users are than worrisome more (- 12%): a loss of 41 million users. It is shelp soon.
  • Not only it has been a bad year for Snapchat, Twitter also has suffered in his meats which is to lose usuary. Concretely it has suffered a loss of the -2,7% or what is the same fall of 9 million active users.


Graphical representation of the used Social Networks more






Types of more popular Social Networks

Social networkType
Facebook Social
Facebook MessengerMessages
Douyin/TikTokMusic videos
Sina WeiboMicroblogging
Bhelpu TiebaMessages
PinterestPhoto and video
SlidesharePhoto and video


Characteristic used Social Networks more

1. Facebook

Facebook is the used Social Network more | UscavonPoint

The network of networks. What to say of Facebook. From 2006 when it sent his universal version his growth he has been unstoppable. It is the ideal place to connect with potential clients through Social Ads and the pages of company, as well as fidelizar through the groups. According to own Facebook, through the publicity in its channel a hearing of 2.121 trillions of active users can be reached. If to that we added the infinite possibilities to him of segmentation and the help of the Pixel, to bet to realise Facebook Ads is a decision that there is to consider.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the second used Social Network more at global levelThat it is the second greater web search engine after Google is not chance. So take advantage of it. Marekting for your brand devises a video strategy creating a channel with an interesting concept and operates all possibilities.

3. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is more between the used Social Networks. | UscavonPointNo longer he is simple app of gratuitous mail but it goes further on. As you know well, the users can share and send images, videos and messages of audio of limitless form. But, when seeing that the people also used it to communicate with the brands, own app developed Whatsapp Business.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is dentre more the used Social Networks. | UscavonPointOriginally it was integrated within Facebook as Facebook Chat in 2008. But, its growth caused that it happened to be a social network of mail other people's to Facebook through which to as much maintain videollamadas calls of voice and of individual form as in group.

5. Weixin/WeChat

What is WeChatWe could say that it is the Chinese Whatsapp. But, in addition to the typical functionalities of one app of mail: to share photos, calls of voice and video€¦ also allows to transfer money, to ask for taxis or to directly reserve to hotels and restaurants from its application. He is not nothing bad!

6. Instagram

What is InstagramIt was created in 2010 and it has not stopped to grow since then. We emphasize especially the increase of active users whom this last year has lived and since it has innovated with IG TV to allow the users to raise videos of longer duration. It is a very tempting network so that the brands connect with their objective public. In addition it is the possibility of creating company pages and so they can have a clear vision of the results that they are obtaining with his publications through the analytical ones which it offers app.

7. QQ

QQ is the second used Chinese Social Network more of the world.This is another one of more important the Chinese social networks. We cannot classify it within a concrete typology, since it combines functionalities of diverse: mail (QQMail), to play in network (QQYouxi), to buy online (Paipai), search pair (QQTongchang)€¦

8. Qzone

What is Qzone. Chinese Social networks.Created Chinese social network in 2005 that allows to realise a great fan of action: to write blogs, to send photos, music€¦ However, it agrees to consider that many of the services of this social network are not gratuitous and so also we will be able to do an idea to us of what type of users can have in her.

9. Douyin/TikTok

Douyin aka TikTok is a Chinese Social Network that has arrived with force and has had a great welcome between youngest. | UscavonPointAnother Chinese social network that has arrived with force. So that we take brings back to consciousness of its magnitude and its projection by the west, only it is necessary that we say that has acquired it recently. The users usually are young and in her they can record videos of up to 60 seconds publishing adding them later music and all type of effects.

10. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is most similar than we can find to Twitter in the Asian region. | UscavonPointThe best form to describe it is as €œTwitter Chinese€. Although the number of characters still is limited 140.


11. Reddit

Reddit is the aggregator with more million active users. | UscavonPointIt is a platform to the style Wags me in which the users share questions, I connect, articles€¦ and are these same those that based on their votes locate the contents in a position superior or inferior.


12. Twitter

Twitter has undergone a fall in million active users, but it continues being of the used Social Networks more| UscavonPointThe social network of the 280 characters. A superb option to be in touch with the followers of a brand. Many companies use as channel on watch the client. In spite of having many applications, the great one failed to take advantage of the social networks is. In addition we have been able to see since the number of active users has fallen. We will see as it responds before this situation.

13. Douban

Douban is another one of the Chinese Social Networks that are used more at the moment. | UscavonPointOne is a Chinese social network arisen year 2005. It is centered in films, books and music. This way, we can find discussions, valuations, reviews€¦ to touch delicate subjects to eyes of the Chinese government has undergone censorship in innumerable occasions.

14. LinkedIn

The Social Network professional number one. | UscavonPointIf there is a professional network par excellence this is LinkedIn. There is no professional who boasts that its personal brand in her does not work. LinkedIn no longer is to have a spectacular CB (that also) but shares interest contents, is realised networking€¦ In case that was little, also it has multiple functionalities that stimulate the B2B connections.

15. Bhelpu Tieba

Bhelpu Tieba is the forum of the forums of China. | UscavonPointThe forum of the forums. Bhelpu Tieba groups thousands of forums in which the users can share their opinions on different subjects. The interchange of knowledge of value between users looks for.


16. Skype

Skype continues being one of the used Social Networks more. | UscavonPointWho does not remember that one first videollamada one in Skype that seemed science thing fiction? Then it follows in the fight there, although the networks are many that already have incorporated this function, the users are lost no the confidence in Skype and continues being one of the used Social Networks more of the world.

17. Snapchat

Snapchat does not stop losing positions in the ranking of Social Networks at global level. | UscavonPointSnapchat promised them very happy when it sent to the market a format of totally innovating Social Network and that it connected perfectly with the young people. We are speaking of histories: images or videos of short duration that the users were sent to each other, but with a time limit of 24 hours after which they disappeared. When Facebook incorporated this format to Instagram, the free fall of million active users began who we have been able to see in the previous table.

18. Viber

Viber is strained between the more popular channels Social Average| UscavonPointApp for movable devices is one that allow to free realise telephone calls to any other user who also is in the Social Network. There are certain tempting aspects for the companies, as for example, to promote themselves through own stickers, to show its products in the section of purchases, etc.

19. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the Social Networks more used and less being useful by the brands. | UscavonPointIt is a very interesting option for brands that are in sectors where the line of vision prevails as for example the graphical design, architecture€¦ According to own Pinterest, more than three quarters of his active users they recognize the content of the brands as useful. A data very elevated if we compared it with other social channels and that there is to consider in any digital strategy. But, of what it consists? The users can raise, keep and administer images (called pins) through collections (that are known by the name of boards or pinboards). Each user can organize his board easily and this one can be found and be followed by the rest of users.

20. Telegram

Telegram is the alternative to Whatsapp. | UscavonPointAlternative to Whatsapp, are defending faithfuls of Telegram as application of mail by its security and privacy. The brands it usually employ as channel of attention the client. In addition to that, it allows to create chatbots and to transmit messages to a limitless list of subscribers.

21. Spotify

Spotify has evolved until becoming a Social Network and of the most used more. | UscavonPointApplication born for the music reproduction that has been evolving until becoming one complete social network in which to follow other users and playlists, to publicize itself as brand through announcements€¦

22. Souncloud

Soundcloud is more in the ranking of the used Social Networks. | UscavonPointSoundcloud provides channels of distribution of music for popular artists, as well as for musicians with few resources. He is ideal to discover new talents and to know what moments of track are those that more like the users, since it allows to add commentaries of the audio one at any time.

23. Line

Line is another one of more important the Social Networks of mail. | UscavonPointAnother alternative to Whatsapp that arose in Japan where he is app of main mail, just as in other zones of the Asian continent. It allows multiple actions, from sending messages and realising calls to play games, to make payments, to buy in line€¦ Very complete! And what it really interests to us it is that the brands can remove to slice from this app to share the news and promotions causing that they appear in the line of time of his followers.

24. Google +

Google + will disappear definitively in the month of April. | UscavonPointIn spite of the good initiatives, Google + never has finished starting and their data of active users have been always put in doubt. All that next to the public exhibition of million deprived data of their users the past year took to Google to announce their total closing that went producing progressively from the 2 of April of 2019. RIP.

25. Flickr

Flickr is between the Social Networks with more million active users. | UscavonPointIt allows to store, to order and to share photographies and videos created by the users who form the own Flickr community.


26. Slideshare

Slideshare is one of the used Social Networks more. | UscavonPointIt is the ideal place to share in private public or presentations of slides. Ideal for companies and professionals whom they look for to consolidate his personal brand.


27. VK

VK is the Russian Social Network with more users. | UscavonPoint€œFacebook Russian€, saving the distances. It allows to send deprived messages, to raise updates of state, to share photos, to create groups and pages, to organize events€¦ In spite of its popularity in Russia, it has been losing bellows the last years.

28. Medium

Medium is more between the used Social Networks. | UscavonPointIn Medium articles of diverse subjects can be published and be read free, in the great majority of cases. It is an interesting option for those brands that want to increase the reach of the contents of their blog.


To know which are the Social Networks used already more is a great step to remove the maximum party to these social means. And it is that now already you know which are most popular, his typology and its main characteristics.

After this, if you know your target and you know clearly the characteristics of your company, only you it will need to choose those that they more have to do with your brand. There where they are your clients, it will have to be your company. That easy. That yes, always considering the resources available. Quality over amount, always.

However, everything is not to sew and to sing. With that it is not enough since there is to develop to an Average Social plan with the strategies and the actions that ensure the success in the relation with the client in these channels.

As much to choose Social Networks as for its management, we always recommended to have experts, either a Community Manager, a Social Average Manager or other professionals of Marketing Online.


You knew all these networks? Which of them you use?

Count us in the commentaries.

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