Tools of Reputation Online

Tools of Reputation Online

You know what is and how there is to take care of it, but you don't know tools Reputation Online? You do not worry, we have thought about you and for that reason we bring this listing to you with some gratuitous options and others of payment so that you can choose those that agree to you more and adapt to your case.

Tools for the Monitoring of the Reputation Online

They allow to know where it is spoken of your brand (social networks, forums, Webs, etc.), in what context and the tone in that one becomes (positive, neutral or negative) through the key words that you have selected previously.

Scopes of monitoring: social networks, blogs, archives of audio and video.

Economic cost: free.

You can realise multiple functions: a general search or to specify the interest places, to know the frequency the mentions, its global data (strength, feeling, passion and reach) and passed time DES of the last mention.

Scopes of monitoring: social Webs, blogs, forums and networks.

Economic cost: of payment.

What you want to know what has shelp of your brand months back? There is no problem, It hoists Rocket allows you to monitor mentions of your brand up to 6 months back and to confront all data with those of your competition.

In case that was little, their information on easily exportable tendencies, share of voice, feeling and geolocalizaci³n are of quality and so that you can draw conclusions to improve your presence online.

Scope of monitoring: social networks.

Economic cost: free.

With this service online you can accede to the numbers of visibility of a brand in Social Networks. One is based on a panel of 36 platforms to mediate the popularity of the term that interests to you. However, the data that offer are very basic.

Scope of monitoring: claim Webs.

Economic cost: free.

Difference of the rest of commented tools of monitoring in which one concentrates in analyzing if your brand in a base of up to 40 pages of claims is mentioned.

He is very useful to avoid any type of reputacional crisis online.

Scope of monitoring: social networks.

Economic cost: gratuitous and Premium version (of payment).

Just as Metlwater, it allows you to monitor your brand as much as the competition and to obtain very valuable information on presence, tendencies, etc. Something that combined with the location of influencers and the detection of clients, among others utilities, do it a tool of most complete.

Scope of monitoring: social networks.

Economic cost: of payment.

It has an operation similar to the one of a web search engine. It allows to follow your brand, to detect his supporters and to analyze the competition. Its strength is in the so complete information that it realises exportable to pdf.



Tools for Escucha Activate of the Reputation Online 

This type of tools goes beyond the monitoring, since they allow to follow conversations where your real brand with the possibility is mentioned in time of being able to take part. One focuses, coverall, towards the Social Networks that are where more conversations take place.

Scopes of active listening: the social Webs, blogs, news, forums and networks.

Economic cost: of payment.

One characterizes by the precision and reliability of his data. You can export information of tendencies, feeling and activity in the Social Networks, as well as detect influencers and geolocalizar usuary.

 Scopes of active listening: social networks, blogs and forums.

Economic cost: of payment.

It is the ideal tool to know the negative impact of your brand in the network. You can monitor several brands if you wish them with a customized configuration and filtering key words, phrases, geographic zone, exclusion of words, sources, language or feeling. And to create social information of metric, networks, analysis name brand, competitive intelligence, workflow and engagement.

Scopes of active listening: social Webs, blogs, forums or networks.

Economic cost: gratuitous version (limited enough) and another one of payment.

It is an interesting tool in that you can filter the results per date, tone, influences and interactions and to create graphs with them. To it is necessary to add the identification to him of influencers, ambassadors and detractors of the brand. He is not nothing bad.

Scopes of active listening: Webs, blogs, forums and the news.

Economic cost: free.

Perhaps the tool that sounds to you more. It works through content key words and when this word appears in the published content it warns to you through a by email electronic alert.

Scope of active listening: forums.

Economic cost: free.

It allows in time to follow conversations real on a subject or term receiving an alert whenever they take place.

This way, you will know what channels are adapted to publish content and what usuary they defend your brand settling down as prescribers.

Scope of active listening: Twitter.

Economic cost: free.

It allows to know you who has mentioned to you in real time. You can be useful to discover those influencers name brand in this social network. However, it is a tool limited enough and the data that offer can be deficient.

Community calendar Manager

Tools to measure Influencia Online

As the own name indicates, they measure the influence of your brand in the social network and/or networks through a certain index that is based on diverse parameters according to the tool.

Economic cost: of payment.

Tool that allow to analyze the influence of your brand in social networks in a scale from the 0 to the 100 after a valuation based on diverse factors and parameters that the tool applies. It is a reference in the world of digital marketing to measure the influence of a brand in the network.

Economic cost: of payment.

Like Klout, shows the information of your brand from the 0 the 100 in the influence scale and allows to see the subjects on which usually it speaks each one of the profiles.

Economic cost: of payment.

With this tool you will know that it influences exerts on your followers the contents that you publish in Social Networks. The strength of Kred with respect to other applications is the transparency of its algorithm and the score that offers of each one of the accounts.


Really, we can say that it is not enough with the use of a single type of tool of Reputation Online, but must be combined all: those of monitoring, listen to active and valuation of influence. Only thus you will have your brand €œunder control€, if that is possible in Internet.


Been You useful listed has east from tools of Reputation Online? What tools you use? You would add some other?

We wait for your opinions.


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