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What is the White Marketing (Digital) and why it gives value to your company

Cold or heat, beach or mountain, analogical, white or black digitalis or€¦ eternal opposites and always origin of debates and discussions. Marketing was not less going to be and as a result of numerous advertising frauds a new current has arisen. One is a new way to understand Marketing. Something that sheds light to this sector. A new philosophy that looks for the transparency and the quality for the client over any thing: the White Marketing.

Definition of White Marketing

The term, coined by the Roberto Blanco Brime publicist, tries to be a quality certificate towards the clients doing against the invasive massive Marketing that always has been developed (what we could also call to extreme level as €œBlack Marketing€).

This new Marketing guarantees ethics, responsibility, effectiveness and transparency in all actions. The aim, and this is most important, is to satisfy all the needs with the clients present, offering specific information to him to be able to connect with him.

A few months ago, in an article of marketingdirecto.com one took shelter what White Marketing is considered and what no, so we are going to take advantage of that classification to finish completing our explanation.

What we can consider White Marketing?

What we cannot consider White Marketing?

What is not White Marketing and can be considered Black Marketing?

  • Publicity display in sites not go
  • Programmatic massive
  • Remarketing
  • Invasive publicity
  • Sale to door

How the client has evolved

He is obvious that the concrete client has evolved and requires of message, customized to the maximum, that supposes a unique positive experience with the brand and that is what the White Marketing looks for.

If he is thus and all we are conscious of it, why does the great majority of brands continue valuing plus the amount that the quality? It does not do more than to suppose losses in: money, credibility and image name brand; what great amount of resources and time will need to be able to resist it.

Although it seems simple to understand, he is something to which the great majority of brands is not paying the sufficient attention, among others aspects, because of their blind faith in the programmatic publicity and the algorithms that use their software to consider what contents can be excellent or do not stop the client.


The programmatic publicity and the YouTube case

We see a known example to see that it is what the White Marketing tries to avoid. All we have in mind the controversy of a few months ago with YouTube, discovered by the British newspaper The Times, in which one demonstrated that several terrorist groups were entering numerous sums of money by the diffusion of announcements in their videos.

As it is logical, this brought about a chain reaction causing that numerous international brands interrupted their digital publicity until clarifying the subject, since they saw harmed seriously his credibility and image name brand.

Some brands attributed this incident to the programmatic publicity. And they were in the certain one, since in spite of the security and the policies of YouTube against violent videos, the amount of videos that rise daily does almost impossible to avoid that the videos of this type can end up appearing previously to announcements of any brand.

And it is that the advantages the programmatic publicity and their algorithms take advantage search the maximum possible segmentation (by geographic age, sort, data, etc.), but their €œemptinesses€ are not covered. In other words, they do not concentrate in the quality of the contents to which the announcements are related giving rise to relations that seriously harm the image of the brands.


Is necessary a change of model?

Then, have does sense the segmentation if later the brand finishes being associated to contents of low quality? Why aren't the programmatic networks more transparent with respect to the places in what appear the announcements?

They are good questions for the brands that follow pawned on continuing with the same conception of Marketing, since it is not a slight problem far from it. World-wide the advertising fraud in the online mean is quantified that it ascended the past to 12,480 million dollars in year according to the data of The&Partnership.

Another problem known by its great repercussion in means also has been the one of the false news of low quality whose only mission is the one to generate more announcements, more click and more volume of traffic without considering neither the loss of quality nor of credibility of the brands related to these news to insert its announcements in them.

Luckily, the great corporations are making decisions in this aspect, and for example, Google the past retired year 1,700 million announcements that infringed their advertising policies.


Really, that we make digital publicity does not mean that with that it is sufficient and that we can continue realising the intrusive and massive marketing that has become until now, but the subject and to change at the same time as the client are due to take letters in, to evolve to a new model and coverall to center us in the principle of the White Marketing: QUALITY over amount.


You met the White Marketing? You apply techniques of White Marketing in your strategies online?

Count us in the commentaries.


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