What is the Reputation Online and why it is so important

What is the Reputation Online and why its management is so important

You know the Reputation Online your business? You know what is shelp of your brand in Internet? Of your products or services? What is shelp of the competition? You know/You can respond these questions?

If you cannot is that you do not control the Reputation Online of your brand or, which is worse, are not conscious of the importance of his management for the strategies of marketing and communication of your brand.

The Reputation Online is the social construction around the credibility, reliability, morality and coherence that only has of a person, being, organism, institution, company, etc. That is to say, the reputation is partially controlable since it is created and it recreated from the perceptions who conform a state of opinion, consideration and valuation of others, from the decisions and ethical-Morales behaviors and/or professionals. Also it is possible to be maintained that the reputation is a social construction, a product created and accumulated of collective form and that of inevitable way has positive or negative effects on the social unfolding, economic, etc. when having an evident public connotation. Miguel of the Ash, the social Consumer: the Reputation Online and Social Average.

In other words, it is the sum resisted of knowledge, valuations, experiences and opinions of an user group on your brand. It is the opinion that the other have of your brand from which beams and you say in Internet, as well as than one perceives of your acts or words and the interpretation that can be gotten to do of these.

The importance of the internauts falls to which they are informed, they are of confidence (clients, users, etc.) and to the influence that they have on the perception of your brand for the rest of users.

And it is that the hearings are fragmented in €œmicromeans€ with an important social and relational content that they have the capacity to generate and to distribute his own information, which thing implies a change of direction in the influence of the people and its roll as consumers.

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What types of Reputation Online exist?

  • Real: they are all those mentions of your brand in average digitalises and social networks, as well as all the positioned one in finders.
  • Potential: it is the perception and the opinion of the objective public of your brand or company on the basis of which they have been able to see, read or found in the network. You must pay the attention to him that is deserved since at any time it can be shaped in new content online: positive, neutral or negative for your interests.

Why so is important the Reputation Online?

Before Internet, the people they only could tell his experiences with the brands to his nearer circle (friendly, neighboring, familiar, etc.). Nevertheless, the Reputation Online allows that the users can share their experiences and influence to the rest of the world without limits of time and space. This supposes a change in the roll of the reputation as we understood it until now. You only must pay attention to his main characteristics to see it clearly:


Everything what is published in the network remains in her for €œalways€. Any commentary, article, the news, etc. can be shared, be talked back, be resent, be copied. For that reason we shelp previously that any experience of a client can be shared and to influence to a great amount of users and potentials clients worldwide without time limits.


Any information is susceptible to be found by the users. It is as easy as to make searches through the web search engines Google, Bing or Yahoo so that the user finds thousands of the news, websites, blogs, forums, etc. that speak of the objective. Thus, that is more difficult to hide information and easier to find it.


The accessibility to a great amount of contents does not assure that information is credible. There the collaborative opinion formed by expert more social circle of the potential client and in the matter plays a vital role. The client is based on his opinions to make the final decision.


As or you know, there are people who taking advantage of the facilities that she gives Internet have become authentic experts in determined matters, counting their passions, fear or tastes and settling down themselves as sources of intelligence of a high value for the rest of users.

Exactly by these reasons you must have a series of always present qualities so that the reputation online does not cause any damage to your brand.

Qualities of an Expert in Reputation Online


To be cautious never has been a quality so appraised. To have a plan of reputation and crisis management before the problems arise is essential. In Internet, any commentary, it notifies, publication that you realise, etc. can trigger a tide of negative opinions that come together in a crisis, so there is to be alert and to always know how how to respond before these situations.


You have already been able to see that the Reputation Online is not smaller thing, therefore, but you dominate the best subject than you leave it into the hands of experts who guarantee a good management and a good action to you in case of reputacional crisis.


Active listening and the monitoring are essential processes to have under control everything what everything happens and what can happen surroundings to your brand. Luckily, diverse tools exist that facilitate that task and that every time improve and sharpen plus their results. The analysis of these data and the extraction of the opportune conclusions to improve marks the difference of your company with the rest. In the same way that to act of the suitable form and in the smaller possible time before a possible problem makes you gain you to the users. All this does not do more than to improve your reputation.



If or you were considering all these aspects, congratulations, you are in the right path and certainly you will be able to see it or you will be seeing it or in the data of your company. If it is not thus, it sees espabilando. The Reputation Online is not fruit of a day, nor is constructed with simple a post in your blog or an announcement on Facebook, is much more complicated. For that reason he is vital to pay the attention to him that is deserved and to contribute to create it with content of quality and a defined identity and to take care of it with a monitoring and listens active suitable to always have it €œunder control€.

And do you know everything on the Reputation Online? You would add some other point to this article?

We wait for your commentaries.


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