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We transform your data
in value information

Data of your website, Facebook, Twitter€¦ Thousands of metric and€¦ you don't know what mean? On its correct interpretation the progress of your business depends online. It is what we called analytical Web.

From this process they leave the rest of action of digital marketing and without him no could get to work. It contributes the harmony necessary continuously to optimize the strategies online that we realised.

We are not Sherlock Holmes, but we investigated your fingerprints with the support of the last technologies, with Google Analytics as reference, among others tools of analytical Web.

When we measured, we collected qualitative and quantitative data of the presence online of your brand: corporative Web, social blog, networks, etc. The key is in realising the correct questions, defining indicating the key of yield (KPIs) and to analyze and to process those data to turn them into value information.

This way, we obtain learnings of the present situation of your brand and can propose recommendations to focus your digital strategy and to accelerate the evolution of your business towards a sustainable and progressive growth in the time.

You want to know what you are doing well and what you are doing bad? To what metric ones you must pay attention? What is what they love your users and to improve its experience?

analytical Web gets hold of

In what we can help you?

  • Definition and interpretation of KPIs.
  • Management of the Reputation Online: monitoring and listens active.
  • Intelligence of business (Business Intelligence) to orient the results obtained to the decision making.
  • Analysis and maximization of the return of the investment (ROI).
  • CRO (Conversation Rate Optimization) aka technical of optimization of the conversion Web.
  • Measurement, periodic analysis and reporting.
analytical Web gets hold of