SEO €“ Expert in Positioning gets hold of Web in Finders

SEO gets hold of

Experts in Positioning Organic Web

What you say and what they say
of you, he defines to you

It is not necessary to be an expert or an Agency SEO to know that if these on the front page of Google (practically) you do not exist. In order to generate traffic towards your Web it is necessary to have visibility.
Whichever better positioning Web has your page, more visits you will have and therefore, more opportunities of sale.

Beam that the potential clients who look for your products or services, find you.
You don't know how to do it? You do not worry, in UscavonPoint you have a hand friend.

What desire doing SEO?

Qualified SEO Tra agency ́fico

Qualified traffic

The users who arrive at your Web look for to solve a consultation that he has to do with your business. 

If they are satisfied with your answer are great possibilities that they end up becoming clients. Boom!

Fixed investment

The cost is the same whatever amount of click that receives your Web.

We can say that the Cost by Click is something more stop than in Google Ads the first months of optimization Web. But, later it is reduced to a fixed and stable level. 

SEO Alta Rentabilidad gets hold of

High yield

The presence in finders is gratuitous. 

With the help of a specialist or an agency SEO everybody can appear in results search by key words with a great volume of searches.


She is one bets safe to largish term

Positioning Web

The palace things go slowly. It distrusts of the companies SEO that to you express results assure. The actions that obtain immediate positioning usually cause penalties that can mark your page for always and which they are very difficult to resist. It is not worth everything in the natural positioning in finders.

To obtain a good positioning in Google for the terms search in which your Web is excellent (keywords) implies all a combination of analyses, objectives, strategies and actions that require their time. It is not to sew and to sing, so leave it in our hands and we will aim as high as your you want to arrive.

SEO On page and SEO Off page

So important he is to take care of itself by outside as on the inside. The same happens to your website.

For that reason we took care of him with all a series of technical actions SEO On Page (within your webpage) as In off Page or Link building (outside her) to ensure the success in the positioning of your Web.

Until where you want to arrive with your Web?
We do not have limits

Experts in positioning Web.


We have helped to position its Web sites to clients of different sizes and sectors. As much to great brands as local SMEs and businesses. 

We make your available all our knowledge and experience as specialists SEO to fulfill all objectives online.

Professional tools SEO

Professional tools

We work with the most powerful tools of the market in positioning and of which they are used more in the great companies. We are speaking of resources as Semrush or Ahrefs.

In order to obtain the best results, it is necessary to use the best tools SEO. That is our mentality.


White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

We fulfill the codes of good behavior of the finders in each and every one of the actions that we realised. This way, we facilitated the tracking and indexing of your website, avoiding any type of penalty. 

Our goal is to take to your Web at the following level fulfilling each one of the stages of the process. It is the best form to optimize the positioning of a Web.

We are a transparent agency


To contract to an agency SEO as ours it supposes that always you are going to be to the current of each one of the steps that we realise.

You are going to know what strategies we used and what results we obtain from them.

We involved you in the work dynamics so that you do not lose any detail.

How we are going to improve your positioning SEO?

  • Audit SEO
  • Keyword Research aka Search of Key words
  • Analysis of the competition

Implementation SEO On Page strategy and technical optimization:

  • Control of the indexabilidad in finders:
    • Analysis of the redirection of urls.
    • Edition Sitemap and Robot.txt.
    • Certificate https.
    • Rich Snippets.
    • Revision and elimination of internal and external duplicated content.
    • WPO (Web Optimization Performance) €“ Improvement of the Speed of Load of the Web
  • Action for the improvement of the accessibility:
    • Architecture of the information on the basis of objectives.
    • Pages of code of state 404, 502€¦
    • WPO (Web Optimization Performance) €“ Improvement of the Speed of Load of the Web
  • Optimization of contents:
    • Creation and improvement of commercial pages.
    • Creation and improvement of value pages (blog).
    • Study of relevance and distribution of keywords.
    • Better revision and if H1-H6 agrees.
  •  Revision and improvement of metaetiquetas.

Estrategia SEO Off Page:

  • Revision of external liaisons:
    • Sources, anchor text and quality level.
    • Suppression of detrimental connections (disavow). 
      Link building €“ 
      Construction of connections
  • Creation of external liaisons €“ link building:
    • Definition of strategy.
    • Creation of map of connections.
    • Profit of quality links.

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