Marketing €“ Expert in Social Networks gets hold of Social Average

It gets hold of Social Average

No, it does not scare to speak to us of
commitment between brand and
users and vice versa

We can compare social means with the kitchen.

In Social Average fresh ingredients and of quality are required (contained), a great variety of plates original, different and creative and a taken care of treatment to surprise the companions at table (usuary) and fidelizar them.

And in that of the social networks we have some another €œMichel­n star€.

Social Average gets hold of

Here the Average strategy enters game Social that we follow based on the objectives and to have a defined personality name brand.

To listen, to connect with the user and to interact with him are essential to create a commitment between the brand and the users (engagement) long term that repels in a positive reputation online.

Then, we asked marriage to him your client? You want that yours it lasts for always? You want to mark the difference and to establish a lasting relation with your objective public in the health and the disease? We have heard yes I want?

You can€¦

We felt as fish in the water in:


to twitter





Social Average gets hold of

For that reason we offer:

  • Comprehensive strategy €“ Social Average Plan:
    • Benchmarking aka Analysis of the Competition.
    • Marketing of contents.
    • Content plan aka plan of contents.
    • Calendar plan aka action calendar.
    • Marketing of influencers.
    • Cover of events in direct.
    • Drawings and contests.
  • Community Management aka Management of Social Networks.
  • Constant update (videos in direct, photos 360º, etc.).
  • Proposal and definition of KPIs.
  • Measurement, periodic analysis and reporting of results.
  • Monitoring and management of the digital reputation.
  • Social Optimization Average (SMO) aka Optimization of social means.
  • Social Ads aka sponsored Announcements.