How to elaborate a strategy of e-mail marketing in 4 steps

Although always one says that the unexpected plans are those that end up leaving better, in the world online is very necessary the organization and in addition, it must be glided well. If we spoke of E-mail Marketing, to have a communication strategy is fundamental to secure the objectives that you have in mind.

But by where you have to begin? How you have to organize it? What points you must consider? In order to help you to decide what way you must take if what you want it is to begin to send mailing campaigns, we are going to tell you in this post which is the correct form to plan a strategy and what you are going to need for it.

To make mailing is one of the promotion methods that more benefits repay in comparison to his low cost, reason why if what you want it is to use the email marketing to sell you are in the correct site. We go to by the strategy!


Benefits of the Strategy of E-mail Marketing

As we were saying to you, the E-mail planned and executed good Marketing can give back some very succulent results.

He is so versatile and flexible, that it can be used to communicate with the clients in almost any situation, of a direct way, which allows that each company can adapt it to its needs perfectly and those of its users. This foments the loyalty and increases the possibility of conversions€¦. Right what you were looking for no?

Using an application of E-mail Marketing also you will be able to measure the results of your campaign, extra advantage that usually are not habitual in other methods of promotion.

How to create a strategy of E-mail Marketing?

Once you have a little idea exceeds what style to follow and in what consists, you will have to begin to think about your plan. And what is first that you will have to decide?

1. It fixes your Objective Public

On the one hand, we have your company and on the other, your public. Who is? What you are going to tell them? He is something that you must know absolutely clearly from the first moment since any decision which you take as a result of this point clearly will be influenced.

The success of the strategy of E-mail Marketing is based on adapting completely to the profile of the people who are to the other side. As much the form that you must to communicate to you with them as which you offer to them will depend on how they are. It is absolutely necessary that you investigate more thoroughly possible and you are able to put you in its skin to generate the content of more effective way.

2. How you are going to promote your products?


Once you identify the tone that you must use with your public, you will have to decide what you are going to sell to them and how. One of the majors advantages of the E-mail Marketing is that he is totally flexible. In your Newsletter you can include the new features, a whole catalogue of your products, advice, discounts, promotions, the news of the sector€¦ It investigates on the best techniques, test with the Storytelling, applies techniques of Growth Hacking, Call-to-Action and-bellboys€¦ Power your brand and all the benefits that could contribute to your clients!

3. And when?


The eternal doubt on the email marketing, which is the suitable frequency to send bulletins? I will be sending too many, I will be sending very few? In order to find the ideal point of shipments, once again, it will depend on your objectives, your public and the amount of content that you generate.

It glides according to the logic, unless you want to be heaviest of the entrance mailbox, you cannot send 3 to newsletter to the day. You love advice on good occasions to do it?

  • You can make Mailing to give the welcome to your new subscribers.
  • Or to especially inform to them into some promotion.
  • Also you can inform to them into the general new features of your brand, for example, a pair of times to the month. Good, if you have much content could even be once to the week.
  • When it is his birthday or the anniversary of your brand€¦
  • And yes, also you can warn to them with a Newsletter if you are organizing some event.

As you can see, the content that you generate and active it that is your business will mark the frequency of shipments. If you generate really interesting content you can allow you to make E-mail Marketing (almost) yet what you want and will be well received.

4. To write up!


Once you have decided all the commented points at great length, you already can put to you to design a Newsletter. If you use an application of E-mail Marketing, you will have groups that you will be able to personalize to your taste and of simple way, facilitating the task. What points we must consider for it?

  • The subject is key. You need that it hooks, surprises, that of desire to open that email irremediably.
  • Bodycopy powerful€¦ But, nonlong. Always brief and concise, if you extend too much will be very few those that will spend required time to read to you. It writes up of clear way, without much poetry (unless it enters your style€¦).
  • To manage the contacts. A good segmentation of the same will help you to organize your shipments of more precise way, since will arrive a little while in which you will not want to send the same content to all your list.
  • It enjoys the process! First of all, they always ten in mind that what you are creating must be something that the other person must receive with much illusion, so pon all your effort in it.

You already can begin with your campaign of MAILING

Already you have all the necessary ingredients! It spends enough time to investigate the market and to your list of clients to be able to apply all the improvements necessary and, little by little, to be adapting the content to its pleasures. It will not be difficult!

An advice more, always sends a test campaign to verify how he visualizes in the mailbox, thus you will verify well the effect that will produce in your clients when they receive it. Much luck!


Javiera Cort©s Su¡rez, Content Manager Junior in Mailify Spain.






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