How to manage the Reputation Online

How to manage the Reputation Online [in 3 simple steps]

Surely already you know what is the Reputation Online and why it is important that you consider it in your digital strategies. But of what it is going to serve to you that but you know how to manage the Reputation Online?

Often an erroneous use is made of the terms manage, monitor and investigate. So we are going to clarify what each of these terms corresponds exactly so that you know it clearly and do not return to commit that error.

Phases To manage the Reputation Online

We define 3 basic steps to ensure the success to you in the care of the Reputation Online of your brand:

1. Investigation

  • To study the situation: before nothing, is essential to know what is the perception and the opinion of the users with respect to your brand (services, products, way to do€¦). For that reason, he is recommendable that you make an audit that allows to know you what has been shelp of your company previously in a determined term of time.

Here it is where it is called on to you to contain the raincoat and the hat to you and to begin with the investigation. One is to systematically compile the information marked by a series of key words, that you have selected previously, in the temporary space that you have believed advisable.

You can back go back from a hypothetical today to one or two years or simply some months. All that will go based on the volume of resulting information and your needs. In order to help you in this task multiple technological tools of Web exist mining, as much free as of payment.

We do not have to confuse the investigation with the Monitoring of the Reputation Online. As we come saying, the investigation consists of knowing what the users of your brand, product think or service and to see what impact has that perception in the world online on the reputation of your company. You can measure if your brand has or nonReputation Online, but not a concrete number.

In order to do it correctly, you must:

  • To construct a population sample basing you on a concrete parameter as for example the age, the geographic situation, etc.
  • To make image questionnaires. And it is that it is demonstrated that the studies of market in Internet are most trustworthy, because in front of a screen the people we do not have problems to say what we really thought.
  • To identify through what half this image is created and to describe them by ratios as influence and relevance.



2. Monitoring

  • Daily pursuit: once you know in that situation is your brand, you will know what resources you will have to consider to control all your reputation. So the following step is to implement a monitoring plan and listens to assets that provide daily information to you on all the mentions and references to your brand and its surroundings in the network. What we know as monitoring.

Just as the investigation it has first stage of extraction of textual information of forums, blogs, Webs, etc. based on the key words that you have previously selected through Web tools mining. However, in this case the temporary cut in which it is realised is from a hypothetical today forwards through a daily and cumulative control of the information, that the tools classify of automatic form.

3. Administration

When you have already extracted, analyzed and processed all the data and you have transformed them into information of value for your company, is when you have the arguments necessary to make decisions. From you can here define the plans of action in communication and public relations with the purpose of to improve your:

  • Influence: he is interesting to determine an influence strategy to online means and social networks with the purpose of to arrive from precise form at your objective public. You can resort to campaigns of Buzz marketing or Word of Mouth marketing to increase your influence.
  • SEO: directly related to the influence it is the work of the positioning in the network through the creation of contents. The aim is to increase the positive visibility and entrances in the main finders (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and consequently to choose to the possible highest position in the ranking of these.

To optimize the influence of your company in the network and its SEO responds to two objectives. One, quantitative one, in that you look for to obtain the best possible position in the ranking of finders and, in addition, to grow in the number of mentions and information on your brand in social networks, blogs, forums and Webs. And the other, qualitative, in which what you want is the complicity and the commitment with your users generating conversation around your brand, your product or your service, that is to say, to generate engagement with your community.Community calendar Manager

How To construct Reputation Online

In order to manage the Reputation Online successfully only you must manage that your brand is characterized by:

  • Positive interactions: essential since they are in charge to fortify the relation with the clients and the community of users.
  • Consistency: you always must guarantee the quality in the interactions with your community.
  • Credibility: for the clients and users they trust your brand
  • Differentiation: your brand must be only and unique. It cannot have another equal.
  • Authenticity: through the originality and the creativity in your actions.
  • Confidence: looking for to always fulfill your word and the promises that you make your community.
  • Loyalty: that your clients are to you loyal is not a easy task, but to obtain will cause it that your community is prepared to promote and to viralizar your company, product or service and to even pay more by them. It is what we know as brand loyalty.



In conclusion, it is clear that to manage the Reputation Online adequately you must always have in mind the users: its needs, their wills, their desires, their pleasures€¦

After all, your brand will construct its reputation on the basis of the foundations of your relation with the users.

Therefore, it is essential that you take to end the 3 indicated phases to realise the process successfully. First of all, you must identify them (investigation), later to listen to them (monitoring) and finally, to act (management) consequently to construct and take care of your Reputation Online.

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