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Computer science Security Councils for your Business Online

The security online is something than everybody he is conscious, but on which nobody taking the suitable measures. Or at least it does not do it until one is not in problems. He is why we bring some to you Computer science Security Councils who will be to you very useful.

What is the Computer science Security

To be cautious and to protect all sensible data and information is something essential when you connect yourself to Internet, or you are a user, a popular character, a small business, a public organism or a multinational. He is something that affects at each and every one of the levels of users of the network.

The computer science security, also well-known as ciberseguridad or security of technologies of the information, is the area related to computer science and the Telematics that focuses in the protection of the computer infrastructure and all that with this and, especially, the information contained in a circulating computer or through the networks of computers. It is the discipline that is in charge to design the norms, procedures, methods and techniques destined to secure a safe and reliable information system. Extracted of Wikipedia.

So whatever your case, will be better than your preoccupation becomes action and you realise the steps necessary to safeguard your data and to cause that your digital presence is safest possible.

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Ciberseguridad advice To apply in your Company

  • Tomar Conciencia

First that you must do he is to recognize that when being in Internet your personal data, those of your brand or your company run a series of security risks. To only exemplify, to say that an attack to the digital security can consist of robbing your accounts in Social Networks, to spy on the information of your computer and a long list of others.

  • Good Digital Practices

He is essential to elaborate protocols and manuals of good practices in the network to avoid filtrations or that the cibercriminales take advantage the ignorance of the employees. Following the volume of your company or organization, the complexity of these will be greater or smaller.

  • To delimit Accesses

He is very useful to determine permissions to establish to where each employee based on his specific areas can arrive from work with specific keys. We talked about, for example, to regulating the access to certain folders within an own servant or to the use of certain software or computer science applications to which it does not have sense that has access everybody. Through the computer science hierarchy you will considerably improve the levels of security of your company.

  • Movable terminals

The more popular movable devices of Samsung or Apple are not safe and can easily be unblocked by cibercrminales or crackers to accede to your data. Counting on the importance of smartphones nowadays and the use that we give so much him to level professional as personal, we can say that it is the device where we have more information, so we must pay special attention to the pages which we visited and the archives that we unloaded from these so vulnerable devices.

  • Protective technologies

Any program or software that helps well is received: fire-guards, intrussion detection system (antispyware), anti-virus, etc. Exist diverse options, of payment as as much gratuitous, so that you can choose the option that agrees to you more.

  • Passwords

They are multiple and they must be customized and unique for each one of the accounts that you have. They must be difficult to find out. It tries to always combine alphanumeric characters, capital and very small. Also, it takes advantage of the questions security that they complement to the passwords. That will do that if somebody tries to accede to some of your accounts, has it almost impossible.

Our recommendation is that you employ password managers, are very useful, easy to use and they will guarantee the security to you that you look for. Some of most popular are: LastPass, Keeper, Dashlane, 1Password, KeePass, etc.

And you do not forget to carry out a constant update of passwords.

  • Backup copies

Following your business, it can be that by law or contract you must have backup copies of the information of your clients, users, subscribers€¦

Nevertheless, also you must think about you and/or in your company, organization marks or and to order to you of which any information indispensable for your business is in those copies in case a possible restoration was necessary. The idea is that before a situation of absolute chaos with a backup copy you can retake your activity without problems.

In order to realise them, you can use external hard disks, the cloud, an own or external servant. That already will go based on your needs and of the volume of the project in which you are involved. But, coverall, ten a control of the place in which are at any moment the copies. We recommend to document the process. To only it will take 5 minutes you and it will help you at home to make agile the realised process of which you need to use some of backups.

Conclusion Computer science Security

Really, always it is more cheap to come up than to cure, so any measurement that you take is little for fighting the attacks that can undergo your information as much as the one of your company, marks or organization when to use Internet.

Are similarity useful these Computer science Security Councils to You? You would add some other to this list? We wait for your commentaries 


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