Agency of Digital Publicity €“ Expert in SEM and Social Ads

Digital publicity

You want traffic in your website and you want it now?

With a strategy of investment in defined digital publicity you will be able to arrive at the objectives that you consider and in the short term to generate quality traffic towards your Web.

And it is that to arrive at the potential public he is not simple, but with the knowledge and the tools available we can choose the format that is suitable you more to hit it at the moment and the suitable place. The strategy and the creativity make the rest.

Luckily, everything is not reduced to the positioning sponsored in finders (SEM). Although it is possible to say that we are expert in Google Ads (we are Google Partners). We have an ample fan of possibilities as the announcements in social networks or the campaigns of affiliation that we can be useful by his effectiveness. It enchants to us to combine all these action to create best the mix of digital publicity for you, that one that optimizes your investment, it maximizes the return of the realised investment (ROI) and offers total transparency in the payments and the access to the results.

Concretely, we specialized in:

  • Social Ads aka Announcements sponsored in Social Networks:
  • Strategy SEM (Search Engine Marketing) €“ Google Ads.
    • Campaigns of Network search.
    • Campaigns of Network Display.
    • Google Shopping aka product card Campaigns.
    • Ads video (Youtube and other websites).
    • Universal campaigns for applications.
    • E-mail Marketing.
    • Marketing of affiliation (bloggers, forums€¦)
digital publicity