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E-mails to connect
with your clients

No longer we did not send smoke signals, either carrier pigeons. However, the letters continue being vitally important. Now they are digital and we called them newsletters. They help to businesses online as yours to gain visibility, to position themselves and to promote themselves. We are speaking of the email marketing.

The segmentation of the public who allows, as well as their direct bonding and his low economic cost cause that she is one of the actions more effective than we know for the pick up and loyalty clients.

The creativity of the design and the quality of the content, as much the visual part as the written up one ensures the success of the campaign.

But, it reduces another factor important to consider: the used platform. For that reason we worked with the best ones: Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Acumbamail and similars.

We bet by the proximity and the proximity with the user to offer a customized treatment and content to him of value. We create the funnel of ideal conversion for your case with the only aim of managing to increase your sales.

You want to hit to a concrete segment?
You want to create a bond with your CLIENTESs?
To increase opening and click the rate?

email gets hold of marketing

We were in charge of:

  • Strategy email marketing.
  • Design and production of Newsletters.
  • Lead nurturing aka Personalisation of e-mails.
  • Marketing of contents.
  • Management, cleaning and update of the data base.
  • Norms antiSpam and protection of effective data.
  • Optimization for mobile.
  • Programming of shipments.
  • Tests, Monitoring, periodic analyses and reports of results.
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